Picture of Iliana & Marcos Caro

Iliana & Marcos Caro

Oxnard, CA

Thank you for taking the time in getting to know us. We know this must be a difficult and emotional time for you as you are faced with this decision. We feel this is a very brave and loving decision. Please know that if you choose us as adoptive parents, your child will be well cared for and loved. We look forward to sharing memories and your child's life with you.

Gracias por tomar el tiempo en conosernos. Entendemos que es un tiempo dificil e emocional mientras hace esta decision. Nosotros sabemos que es una decision muy valiente y echa con mucho amor. Por favor tenga en mente que si nos escoje como los padres adoptivos, que cuidaremos y amaremos a su bebe. Esperamos el dia en que compartamos memorias y la vida de su bebe con Ud.

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Our Life Together

While we are very different people, we totally click as a couple. As they say, opposites attract and we have been together for almost 20 years. We still love spending time together and are ecstatic to add a child to our family. Throughout the year we enjoy camping, going to sporting events, and traveling. We can’t wait to share all this with our child. There are many things that we love to do as a couple such as camping every summer with our friends and family. We can’t wait for our child to join us as we sit and toast marshmallows by the fire. Also, spending the day at the lake or water park is something that we look forward to doing each year. It’s always fun to get all geared up and go support our favorite teams, from Dodger Baseball to LA Kings Hockey games. We’ve enjoyed traveling to different places like France, Italy and Mexico and want to continue traveling at least once a year to new places. We can’t wait to include our child in our new adventures as a family.

Iliana by Marcos

Twenty years ago, I met my best friend and the love of my life. She has, through her drive and determination, accomplished her goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. Watching her students learn and knowing how important she is in the children’s lives is very fulfilling to her. I can just see her using her skills as a teacher with the baby, for instance, teaching him or her the "ABC´s" or reading stories at bedtime. I love that we share our passion for travel, but most of all, I love that even though she may not enjoy some of the same sports that I do, she is willing to play along! I love that she walks around with a big smile on her face, and she can be silly, playful and carefree. From creating jewelry in her free time, to taking cooking classes, scrapbooking and learning how to dance, she continues to grow as a person while helping to make our marriage stronger. As a mother I see her creating a caring, warm, fun and safe home for our child to be raised in.

Marcos by Iliana

Marcos, my gentle giant, my babe is the perfect man for me. He is very likable and easy to talk to. I love that he can surprise me with tickets to see Taylor Swift, and listen to Frank Sinatra on the way there, or that he can have a ”conversation” with our 15 month old niece, and then give a great speech that brings people to tears. He is my best friend. Marcos works as a Law Enforcement Technician for the LA County Sheriffs Dept. His position will allow him the flexibility of spending time with the baby. He is a hard worker, a loyal friend, and caring husband. During his free time he enjoys going camping, playing golf and softball, collecting law enforcement memorabilia and most of all, barbequing with family and friends. As a father, I know Marcos will serve as a great role-model and will love to share his hobbies with our child. I can see Marcos coaching our child at the little league games or teaching him or her how to swing a golf club. He will be an understanding, responsible and attentive dad.

Our Home

We live in Oxnard, California just south of Santa Barbara. Our home is warm and inviting where we enjoy having BBQ’s in the backyard with friends and family. We live in a family oriented neighborhood, where there are children always playing outside and we can walk to our local park. We are close to the beach and a short drive away from the mountains. We can’t wait to show our child all the wonderful parts of our neighborhood.

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