Picture of Michael and Desiree Murphy

Michael and Desiree Murphy

Oakland, CA

Hi we’re Michael Murphy and Desiree Salas from Oakland, CA. We appreciate you considering our letter and would like for you to learn more about us and our family. We’re both open and caring and would be thrilled to welcome you into our extended family. We hope to be of comfort to you on this journey in your brave search to find the right family for your baby.

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Our Happy Marriage

We befriended each other 15 years ago at the local coffee shop that Michael was managing, talking about our vintage cars. It’s that same coffee shop that we ended up buying. If it wasn’t for that cup of coffee, we never would have met! We’re both very sentimental about our coffee shop and are reminded every day of why we own it. We love mini-road trips and exploring all the great, old small towns Northern California has to offer. Our child will be exposed to a lot of creativity and fun at our home and family adventures on our road trips. We’ve been married for 8 happy years now and are each others’ best friend and can’t wait to become parents, grow our family and share our love with a little one.

About Desiree by Michael

The first time I saw Desiree, I knew she was the one. She is caring, funny, patient, nurturing, creative and dedicated to whatever she does. Desiree comes from a large family and is the second oldest of 6 kids. She loved taking care of her younger siblings and became a natural mother. Desiree’s many nephews and nieces all love hanging out with her, because as they say "she’s the cool auntie." I can’t wait to see Desiree pushing a baby stroller around Lake Merritt, reading our child to sleep and laughing as our child splashes in the tub.

About Michael by Desiree

Michael is kind and patient and he’s the best possible partner I could have found. When I first met Michael he was very shy and I was so surprised when he opened up and I found out he was so funny. He’s nostalgic and loves our traditional annual summer trip to Tahoe, where he looks forward to teaching our child how to kayak. He has a great memory for detail and never forgets special moments. It was Michael’s idea to continue a tradition in his family to arrange for us to get married at the Mission De La Tosa in San Luis Obispo, just like his parents and siblings did before us. Children are so attracted to Michael and love his subtle goofiness and playfulness. Our nieces and nephews adore Michael and I have no doubt that he will be a wonderful daddy.

Our Family

Our outgoing families love camping, barbequing and laughing together. Family holidays include Easter egg hunts at Grandma Rosie’s house and feeding the pigs on Christmas at Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jims’ ranch. Our 13 nieces and nephews range in age from 4 up to 23. We do everything together from trips to the zoo, swimming at the beach or making homemade ice cream. Our supportive family which includes grandparents, 7 aunts and 4 uncles are just as excited about open adoption as we are and are eager to welcome another family member.

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