Picture of Mike, Jen and Joaquin Miller

Mike, Jen and Joaquin Miller

Atlanta, GA

Hello! We are Mike, Jen and Joaquin Miller from Atlanta, Georgia. We have so much respect for you and the important decision you are making for your child. Our loving family would be honored to welcome your child with open arms into our home. Please contact us anytime if you would like to learn more about each other after viewing our profile. We sincerely wish you all the best in your adoption journey.

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Hello from Atlanta, Georgia

Hello! We are Michael, Jennifer, and Joaquin Miller from Atlanta, Georgia. We are sincerely grateful that you are taking a moment to learn about our family. We respect and honor your courage to consider open adoption as a future for your child. Please know that if we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to love and care for your child, we will be committed to welcoming you into our lives in whatever way makes you most comfortable. We will also be committed to providing a loving, stable and nurturing environment that every child deserves. As experienced parents, we are prepared for the commitment and challenges of raising a family and look forward to the day we can expand our hearts and home to another child. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more about each other. We look forward to meeting you to learn about your hopes and dreams for you and your child.

About Jen by Mike

My son and I are so lucky to have such a loving person in Jennifer. She is a committed wife and mother and gives us both unconditional love everyday. She teaches at a local college and takes every opportunity to show our son new things about nature and the world. Jennifer is very patient with our son and takes time to engage him in new ways through art, cooking, nature walks, reading or just playing ball. She is the center of our family and has created our home environment based on respect and kindness. Jennifer grew up in a large family and will cherish another child in our home. She plans to take a year off from teaching to fully embrace the next member of our family and has summers free to spend with our children.

About Mike by Jen

Michael is a loving husband and devoted father. He is a self-employed carpenter and architect, and has a very creative imagination. As a father, he loves to draw silly cartoons, play hide-and-go-seek, and share his love of gardening with our son. He is very excited to experience the love and wonders of another child. Michael is easy-going, has a fun personality, and is able to connect with children at their level. I am so lucky to have Michael as my partner and my love for him continues to grow as I see him interact with and love our son.

Our Family and Home

We met in Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 at an art opening and fell in love through our shared passion for the outdoors, art, music, and good food. We were married three years later with dreams of having a family. In 2008 we were blessed with our son Joaquin who continues to bring us joy beyond our imagination. Becoming parents has been the most remarkable experience of our lives and we would honor the opportunity to love another child like we love our son. As a family we enjoy hiking and camping, cooking and eating dinners together, doing arts and crafts, and reading lots of bedtime stories. We anticipate a future of after-school sports, music, ballet, or whatever our children desire to learn. Our flexible schedules allow us to spend a lot of quality time together. Our home is a wonderful place to raise children. We live walking distance to historic Grant Park, where we stroll to the farmer’s market, have fun on the playground, take swimming lessons at the pool, and visit the zoo. For Halloween, we participate in the children’s costume parade in the park and trick-or-treat at “Boo at the Zoo.” To celebrate New Years Day, we take the train into downtown Atlanta to attend the children’s parade. In the spring, we ride our bikes to different festivals in town to experience music, arts and crafts, and local cuisine. We look forward to discovering new places with our second child and seeing the world through his or her eyes. Our children will attend the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School, which is walking distance from our house and one of the best schools in the area.

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