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Greg, Patricia and Joseph Wiacek

Los Angeles, CA

Hello, we are Greg, Patty and Joseph Wiacek and thank you for considering us. We think you are a brave and thoughtful person who truly wants the best for your child. We will provide a loving family for your baby and love him or her with all our hearts. We look forward to getting to know you and welcome a call or e-mail anytime.

Hola, somos Greg, Patty y Joseph Wiacek y gracias por teniendo en cuenta nosotros. Pensamos que es una persona valiente y pensativa que desea sinceramente el mejor para su niño. Proporcionaremos una familia amorosa para su bebé y lo adoraremos o ella con todos nuestros corazones. Esperamos conseguir para saber que usted y dar la bienvenida una llamada o correo electrónico en cualquier momento.

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We’ve known each other since 1982, and have been married since 1993. We first became close friends back in high school. We dated other people and then realized that our relationship was much deeper than friendship. We have a very strong and committed marriage and are also best friends. Having a family has always been important to us. We want to fulfill our dream of having a second child to complete our family. We are excited about having a new baby to love and share all the joys of growing up. We both benefited from having siblings and want our children to have that wonderful experience too.


Patty has an endearing quality of being able to have a conversation with anybody. She has a magnetic smile and is always friendly and willing to help. She loves to cook and bake and wants to feed everyone, and Joseph is often in the kitchen with her. In her spare time she enjoys meeting with friends and family, working at our engineering company, gardening and watching the cooking channel and trying new recipes. Even though there are only 3 of us in the house, she will often cook a meal for 10 and will take some over to her Grandmother’s house or feed our employees. Our barbeques are never small and nobody leaves without being full and they usually get a doggie bag too! She is also in charge of the Hot Lunch program at Joseph’s school, where she feeds 300+ kids and faculty twice a month. She is dedicated to helping out at school and is always prepared to fill-in as a volunteer wherever necessary. Patty comes from a large traditional family and does a great job of instilling family values in all she does. She is anxious to have another child to join in these family traditions.


Greg owns his own engineering company, mostly doing work with the aerospace industry. When I first met Greg, I was most drawn to his sense of humor and his manners. He is loving, fun and very giving of himself and makes sure everyone is taken care of before himself. In his spare time he enjoys playing catch, football or baseball with Joseph. He also enjoys showing our son how to build things and working in the yard. They both love watching football, basketball playoffs, history channel as well as the Discovery channel. I love to watch Greg — dirt bike riding, fishing, camping, scouting, visiting historical places and generally doing anything outside. Greg is very committed and devoted to his family. Loves being a Dad and can’t wait to share these activities with another child too.


We live in beautiful Los Angeles, California . Our neighborhood is a great family-oriented place. We live just 2 miles from the beach and also have a baseball /softball field at the end of our block. We also have a large yard so during play dates there is plenty to do. The mountains are only about two hours away and are a great place to visit during the winter. Joseph loves to have company over for BBQ. The 4th of July means a huge block party that lasts the whole weekend. We are also close to some of the best theme parks around: Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland, Mulligan’s and Go Kart World. We look forward to having these continued experiences with another child. We both enjoy flexibility with our job schedules which will allow us to spend time at home with the new baby. Although Patty works now, we hope by the time the baby arrives she will be a full time STAY-AT-HOME MOM.

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