Picture of Dylan Ward and Thomas Rushing

Dylan Ward and Thomas Rushing

Holly Springs, NC

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We know you are making a very important decision and we are very excited that you are considering open adoption. We believe in open adoption and know what a wonderful gift it is for a child after experiencing open adoption first hand with our cousins. We would be honored to welcome you and your child into our lives.

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About Us

We have a stable and loving relationship. We met while we were freshmen in college and have been together for over eleven years. On our 5th anniversary we celebrated with a commitment ceremony with our closest friends and family. Our relationship is based on respect, love and devotion. We are eager to take the next step and welcome a child into our family. Dylan works at a local non-profit research company, but he is ready to become a stay-at-home dad when our child arrives. He is looking forward to spending quality time at the library and taking our child on play dates with friends. Thomas is the practice manager in a veterinary hospital. He loves working and playing with animals and looks forward to sharing his love for animals with our child. He feels fortunate that he has such a flexible schedule. He is excited to be able to go to our child’s school and participate in field trips and science fairs.

About Thomas by Dylan

Thomas is a terrific, smart and loving person and is very eager to become a dad! He is a committed Big Brother volunteer and spends quality time with his Little Brother. Thomas is giving, understanding and loves to make other people happy. He is looking forward to seeing our child’s joy when he tells him or her we’re going camping in the mountains or swimming in the ocean. I know that he will be loving and supportive to our family and make a great dad. I am lucky to have him in my life and I am very happy to spend the future with him and our child.

About Dylan by Thomas

Dylan is a loving person and life partner. He is excited to become a daddy and cannot wait to read some of his favorite stories such as, Where The Wild Things Are with our child. He is a gifted nurturer who always puts children at ease with just a smile. He always amazes me with his patience and how understanding he is. He looks forward to helping our child pick out all the holiday decorations for the house. He will be a wonderful daddy!

Our Home

We live in Holly Springs, NC, a suburb of Raleigh and it is one of the best small towns in the country! We have two loveable dogs, Justin and Max and an affectionate cat, Kristie. Our neighborhood has lots of active families. Every Halloween our child will get to dress up and go around with all the neighborhood kids to collect candy. We are close to several parks, which are all very good for walking and biking. We will have a wonderful time pushing a stroller along the trails and playing with our child on the playground. There are many children in our neighborhood and our child will have lots of playmates to ride bikes with or invite over for sleepovers. We love attending football games at NC State and cheering on our favorite team! We already have a team jersey for our child!

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