Picture of Dan, Sara and Paul Bell

Dan, Sara and Paul Bell

El Cajon, CA

Hi! We're Sara, Dan and Paul from El Cajon, California (near San Diego). We admire your decision to consider open adoption. It is important to us that your child know the love that was put into your decision and be given the opportunity to develop a relationship with you. We are looking forward to adding another child to our family. Please visit our website or call our toll-free number at 877-636-8050.

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We appreciate that you are taking the time to learn about us and consider open adoption. It is important to us that your child knows the love that you put into your decision and has the opportunity to develop a relationship with you. We will respect your wishes as to ongoing communication and contact. We look forward to speaking with you. Warmly, Dan, Sara and Paul Bell

Dan about Sara

Sara is my best friend and one of the kindest, most giving people I have ever met. She is a great mom, a good person and cares strongly for her family, her friends and children in general. Sara likes to spend time with both of our families, chasing after all the kids, including Paul and our nieces and nephews! Before Paul came into our lives, she was a substitute elementary teacher for the San Diego Unified School District for nine years and a preschool teacher before that. She loves spending time with our son playing at our neighborhood playground, reading books, going on walks and building small cities with his Legos and blocks. She also loves gardening and grows tomatoes and flowers every summer.

Sara about Dan

Dan is a wonderful, patient husband and a caring and devoted father. Dan loves spending time with both of our families, but also spending weekends at home. He enjoys his job as a paralegal at a law firm in downtown San Diego. Dan enjoys going to places where we can visit medieval castles and see a part of history, whether it be out of the country or close to home. If you ask him, he would most likely say his favorite trip was to Ireland! He also enjoys camping, playing computer games, reading, and watching movies. Becoming a father was one of the best things to happen in his life and he likes to say "weekends are for daddies!" He and Paul love to go to the playground, race cars, visit the train museum or just quietly rest at home. He is excited to see what other activities are added when a second child joins our family.

Sara and Dan about Paul

We are so fortunate to have our son Paul in our lives, and we look forward to having another child to love every bit as much as we love him. He has an easy-going personality and seems to love everyone including his cousins, neighborhood pals and school friends. It's a joy to watch him play trains or race cars with his friends, and we know he is very excited for the day he can share these experiences with his new brother or sister. Our daily routine includes, among other things, playing outside with friends, getting active at our community playground, riding scooters, reading books, and going for walks with the dogs.

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