Picture of Corinne Macpherson & Robert Sherman

Corinne Macpherson & Robert Sherman

Chapel Hill, NC

Hi! We are Bob, Corinne & Helena. We became a family through open adoption and we very much hope to grow our family! We would be absolutely thrilled to welcome you and this baby. We promise unconditional love and acceptance. We wish the best for you. Contact us anytime at 1-800-605-6023 or via e-mail at bobandcorinne@gmail.com.

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We are Bob, Corinne and Helena from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter. We are grateful for the opportunity to share a bit of our lives with you. We hope to grow our family by creating an open, lasting relationship and establishing trust with you. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to talk with you and get to know you. While we cannot begin to comprehend the emotions you are experiencing, we do have great respect and admiration for your thoughtfulness and selflessness. Please know you are in our thoughts and we wish the very best for you, regardless of the path you choose. We look forward to knowing you, and we wish you peace at this time.

About Corinne (by Bob)

Corinne is my best friend and confidant. She works part-time as a pediatric audiologist, helping children to hear and communicate. Her limited hours allow her to spend more time at home. The bond between her and Helena is absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing her with our next child. Corinne is a naturally patient, warm and nurturing mother and she’ll adore our children wholeheartedly. Her capacity to love is phenomenal!

About Bob (by Corinne)

I realize every day I am lucky to have Bob as a husband and he is an equally wonderful father. He is easy-going, selfless and always going above and beyond to make others happy. He enjoys his engineering career and works close to home, so he will have plenty of time to spend with our children. He is an extremely hands-on dad. Bob is so proud of Helena and takes joy in seeing her happy. I know he will feel the same way about both of our children. We do everything together as parents, from snuggling for stories to attending pediatrician appointments. Bob loves cooking breakfast and singing with Helena and is ready to do the same for another little one!

About Us & Our Home

We met twelve years ago while Bob was visiting family in Chapel Hill. There was an instant connection! We became best friends and began dating. We have been married for nine years and are devoted to each other. Helena joined our family through an amazing open adoption in February of 2010. Our experience has only reinforced our strong commitment to open adoption. Being a family is incredible. We have fun just running errands together or taking spontaneous beach trips! We live a fun, active lifestyle and have a comfortable, loving home. We were thrilled beyond belief to become parents and would love to do so again! We have an enormous amount of love to share. Our child will be welcomed with open arms into the family. Our families span the East Coast including right here in Chapel Hill. They are so excited and supportive of us adopting another child. We love visiting with family and friends. We always have fun, whether we are playing in the pool or attending games and concerts. It will be great watching our children go for boat rides with Pop-Pop or reading with Grandma Cory. They are more than ready to spoil another grandchild! We live in beautiful Chapel Hill where there are tons of things to do! It is an active town with many young families and children. We love to walk downtown for ice cream or to watch a UNC basketball game. Our neighborhood has a huge center lawn with a great playground where all of the children play and ride bikes. Most summer days we swim in the neighborhood pool. We look forward to hearing our children giggle while playing hide-n-seek or running around the park with friends. We cannot wait to have another child to share our home!

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