Picture of Joe Smith and Travis Duncan

Joe Smith and Travis Duncan

Durham, NC

Hello! We appreciate your time in reading our letter. While we cannot understand what you may be experiencing now, we hope that you will ultimately find what you are seeking. Our daughter Simone joined our family through open adoption in January 2013 and it has been amazing. We have a great relationship with her birthfamily. You will always have an honored place in our hearts and family and we look forward to talking with you.

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We met over eight years ago and knew immediately that we were meant to be together. Ever since then, we have always wanted to adopt children and are so excited to be fathers. We love going on long hikes, taking trips to new places, going to museums, reading, and keeping physically active with our daughter Simone. Our dogs, Cody and Coco, are an important part of our family as well. Simone loves playing fetch with Cody and giving them both nightly hugs before bedtime.

Joe, According to Travis

I knew that Joe was the right one for me when I saw him lovingly sweep our nephews and nieces up in his arms. They all love Uncle Joe! The smiles on their faces when he’s around say it all! He loves his job as a Clinical Research Associate, because he gets to focus on keeping people healthy. We both love that he often works from home and he is constantly at home for Simone just as he will be for our next child. He’ll be there to watch them grow and complete their homework. Joe has a sincere passion for history, and can’t wait to read to our children. Joe is also an avid tennis player and a sports enthusiast. He even taught me how to play tennis, and that’s quite an accomplishment! I can’t wait until Joe can teach our children how to use their backhand during matches. With his patience and dedication, our little ones might even become the world’s next tennis champions! He will never be too busy to run around the yard, play hide-and-seek, or just sit and hang out with our children. They will be proud to call him Dad!

Travis, According to Joe

Travis is the most giving, caring, and loving person I know! He genuinely loves his job as an Assistant Principal. Not a day goes by in which Travis doesn’t come home and tell me about his work. His passion for education shows in his care for students well-being. The students and teachers are truly lucky to have him. It will be amazing to watch Travis teach our children how to read and write someday! Travis has such a great relationship with his nephews, nieces, and family. Whenever we visit, they can’t wait to spend time with Uncle Travis. It will be wonderful to see our children laughing and playing with their Daddy and cousins on hiking trails! Travis will love taking our child to see the beautiful mountains around Asheville or the wonders to be discovered during a beach walk on the Outer Banks. He is a great Dad in every, possible way!

Our Family

Every summer we take two family beach trips with our extended families to South Carolina. Simone loves taking the trip now and enjoys spending time with relatives and splashing in the ocean. It’s a long time tradition and we can’t wait for our next child to join in on the festivities! There are many young kids on both sides of the family, and they can’t wait to have another cousin to build sandcastles with. We feel so lucky to have families that are so supportive, loving, and understanding of us and our family. We know that they provide Simone with the same unconditional love and support as the other children in the family. Simone’s new brother or sister will have the same love and support indifferently. Mom Smith can’t wait to have another child join the family cookouts every summer and Me-ma Duncan looks forward to showering our children with many gifts and kisses. Great Ma-ma Duncan is also looking forward to sewing homemade quilts, not to mention baking all kinds of mouth-watering sweets.

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