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Susan & Mitchell Glavas

Tustin, CA

Hi! We’re glad you found us. We admire the love and concern you have for your child as you think about adoption. We want your child to know the love you have for him or her and grow up being loved by many people, including you. We’re open to ongoing contact and want to talk about what’s comfortable for you. Please contact us anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

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About Us

We’re a loving, stable couple who has been married for 6 years. Our story began 16 years ago when we met at the University of Massachusetts and discovered a shared interest in 20th century art history. We stayed up all night talking on our first date and have been inseparable ever since. We enjoy spending time together at home, visiting local places such as Disneyland, and taking road trips to Northern California and Las Vegas. We’ve always imagined a child sharing our lives and can’t wait to become parents! We are both managers, Susan at the family’s tech support business and Mitchell at a regional sporting goods retailer. Our schedules are flexible so at least one parent will always be home to care for your child. We both work nearby so it will be easy for the three of us to share family lunches on days when one of us works outside the home.

Susan in Mitch's eyes

My best friend is also my beloved wife. Susan is an incredibly kind and caring woman with a heart full of love. Everyone who meets her comes to know her generous spirit and gentle ways. She loves to read and enjoys arts and crafts, especially making beaded jewelry. Susan is a natural teacher and has a brilliant sense of humor. I can easily imagine the bright sound of laughter as she and your child play and sing together. Children love to be with her, and I know she will be a wonderful mother.

Mitch in Susan's eyes

Mitchell is a devoted husband who will be an amazing father. He is so giving to those he loves and is tremendously patient and loyal. He enjoys reading, especially history and mysteries by authors such as his favorite, Raymond Chandler. His vibrant personality becomes even more energized when he plays games and puts together puzzles with the children of friends and family. I can already hear the fun voices and animal sounds Mitchell and your child will make as they read books and tell stories together.

What we like to do

We love to read! We go to the LA Times Festival of Books every year with Susan’s mom, where Mitch volunteers to manage the mystery writers’ room. The festival has a large children’s area that will be so much fun to explore together as a family. We’re looking forward to story time reading our favorites, such as “Winnie the Pooh” and “The Velveteen Rabbit”, especially at bedtime. Education is important to us! We believe education increases our knowledge and enjoyment of the world. We’ll help your child develop his or her interests and abilities into a life that sustains him or her mentally and spiritually. We love museums and want to visit them as a family because they are fun places to learn about people, ideas, and the world. It will be amazing to see the newest member of our family gaze up for the first time at the giant dinosaurs at the natural history museum. Nature is fun! We are members of the San Diego Zoo. It’s our favorite place to learn about animals and their habitats. It will be exciting to find favorite animals and learn more about them together. We love taking walks, especially when we see local wildlife, and can’t wait to appreciate Southern California’s natural beauty on family hikes.

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