Picture of Riley, Erin & Jeff Kersh

Riley, Erin & Jeff Kersh

Livermore, CA

Hello from sunny Livermore, CA. We are a fun-loving family who enjoys messy art projects, riding bikes at the park, and making s'mores by the lake. Those things will be even more fun with a family of four! Even though we have not met yet, we know that you are a loving, thoughtful, and strong person because you are considering open adoption. We are excited about the possibility of welcoming you into our family!

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Hello from sunny Livermore, CA!

We are Jeff and Erin Kersh. We are honored that you are considering us as parents for your baby. Even though we have not met yet, we know that you are a loving, thoughtful, and strong person because you are considering the option of open adoption. We realize that we cannot fully understand how difficult this choice must be for you, but we want to support you on this journey as much as we can. We believe open adoption is an incredible and selfless gift, not only for your baby, but for our family as well. That gift, and the story of how our lives became intertwined, will always live in our hearts. In our family, your child will know that they have a birth family who loves them and that their journey to us was one of great love. We look forward to welcoming you into our lives.

Meet Erin

Erin loves being a STAY-AT-HOME MOM. She considers herself fortunate to be able to spend her days going to the park, building with LEGOS, and being an integral part of our children’s day-to-day development. Erin has a teaching credential and, prior to Riley being born, taught Drafting & Design Technology at the high school she graduated from. As an educator, Erin’s goal was to impress upon her students the importance of a good education and finding a job that they love -- two things that are equally as important to us as parents! For as long as she can remember, Erin has loved doing anything that is creative. She loves sewing, writing, and drawing, and hopes to one day write and illustrate children’s books. Erin is a dedicated and loving mother whose heart will only grow bigger when another child joins our family.

Meet Jeff

Jeff’s favorite part of the day is being greeted at the door by his little sidekick, Riley-Roo. He is a hands-on dad who makes it a priority to be home in time for family dinner and Riley’s bedtime routine. Jeff can always be convinced to read “just one more” bedtime story because it is important to us that our children develop a life-long love of reading. In addition to being daddy, Jeff is a licensed Structural Engineer. He has worked at the same structural engineering company since he graduated from college. One of Jeff’s favorite pastimes is playing basketball. He has played basketball since high school and looks forward to shooting hoops with Riley and our newest addition. Jeff will put everything aside to make sure his family gets the comfort and support they need.

Our Story

We met at college in San Luis Obispo. Erin was studying architecture and Jeff was studying engineering, so we had a lot in common from the very beginning. We discovered we both enjoyed going for motorcycle rides, hanging out at the beach, and cooking together -- we still do! We have been married almost eight years now and are having as much fun as we did in college. We own our home in Livermore, which is about an hour away from San Francisco. The Bay Area is a wonderful place to live because the weather is beautiful, it has endless recreational opportunities, and it is a culturally diverse region. Our sunny backyard is ready to have two kids run around in it. On the weekends we love to spend time as a family, whether it is camping, boating, trips to the library, or picnics at the park. Respect, honesty, and communication are very important to us. These values are a big part of why we have chosen open adoption and feel it is a beautiful way to add to our family. Our family and friends are an important part of our lives. Not a week goes by that we don’t see Erin’s parents and sister’s family. We take family vacations together, see them on every holiday, and make special plans for all birthdays. Jeff’s parents live a short drive away, so we see them on a regular basis, too. We also consider our close circle of friends to be family. In spite of the distance between some of us, we are committed to being a part of each other’s lives via e-mail, phone, and snail mail, as well as spending quality time together whenever possible. Our loved ones near and far whole-heartedly support our desire to adopt. They all have a lot of love to give and are already asking to babysit, have play dates, and help in any way they can.

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