Picture of Scott Markley and John Bledsoe

Scott Markley and John Bledsoe

Nashville, TN

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We met thirteen years ago in Memphis, Tennessee while we were next door neighbors. We became great friends and soon we both fell in love. One year later we made a move to Nashville, Tennessee where we have lived for the last ten years. Over time our relationship has grown and strengthened through our friendship, faith and love. Our lives are filled with joy and laughter and we cant wait to share it with our child.


John is my best friend. We share such a loving relationship that it is almost difficult to put into words. He is intelligent, spiritual and has an incredible sense of humor. From the moment we met I knew that John was the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. He works so hard to provide a wonderful life for us both. Knowing and loving John and his family has been the great joy of my life. He will make such a loving and caring father. Because of John I have found a happiness that I never knew was achievable.


Scott is a unique individual. He is funny and smart, and he has a great perception of people and the world. Scott has a strong faith and spirituality that guides him through his life. He has dedicated his life to the care, well being and love of children. Anyone who sees him with the children that he cares for would know that. I know that Scott was the one I was meant to be with. No one understands me better than him.


We live in a great community at the edge of a beautiful lake in Nashville, Tennessee. A public greenway path connects the lake and other city parks right to our backyard. We can already see our little one feeding the ducks and geese that swim along the shore! Our community has great schools and is filled with children of all ages. We are close to great family friendly attractions, a huge water park and fun playgrounds. It will be so exciting visiting the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere and sliding down the waterslides at Nashville Shores. We can’t wait to share our home with our child. We will have so much fun riding bicycles on the greenway, visiting the Grand Ole Opry or having fun playing indoors with our two cats, Merry and Kitten!

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