Picture of Bob and Mary Rose Grimes

Bob and Mary Rose Grimes

Hickory, NC

Hello, we are Bob and Mary Rose Grimes from the wonderful city of Hickory, North Carolina. Your courage to consider placing your child through open adoption is so admirable, and we appreciate your time We look forward to building an open relationship with you, at your desired comfort level. We are so excited to welcome you into our family and we would love to get to know you.

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About Us

We met five years ago and had our first date on New Year’s Eve. We had an instant connection from the very start and we knew we were meant to be together! We have been happily married for four years and everyday is a new adventure with each other. We are kind, caring, generous and soft-spoken people who love to enjoy life. Both of us have always wanted to have children and look forward to how rewarding it will be to have a child in our lives. Our families and friends always say what great parents we will be. We are excited about providing wonderful educational opportunities and a loving environment for our child.

Our Home and Community

Our neighborhood is welcoming and we live in a charming home with a big fenced in backyard. We actually live in Bob’s family home that he grew up in and we are excited about raising our child in the very same home! We already have the perfect place picked out for a swing set for our child. We enjoy spending time with our affectionate dogs, Lucy and Seven. We also love grilling out and can hardly wait to see our child laughing and playing in the yard with the dogs after a fun cookout. Hickory is a wonderful family oriented community. One of our favorite things to do is walk uptown to Hickory Square. Every week, we enjoy trips to the Farmer’s Market and we‘re looking forward to taking our little one to pick out fresh organic fruits and veggies. We will love sharing our joy for nutritious foods with our child! We enjoy listening to local bands and exploring the newest stores and restaurants. We live within an hour of the mountains and often make day trips to Boone, Blowing Rock and Asheville. We can’t wait to take our child to see the wonderful North Carolina Mountains through new eyes!

Our Promise to You

We hope to teach our child the importance of volunteering in our schools, church and community. We also have strong work ethics and we promise to teach our child the value of treating others fairly. We’ll provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment for our child. Thank you so much for taking the time to read our letter. We would love to hear from you anytime.

Our Careers

Mary Rose loves children and has been an educator in our community for over 16 years. She is a caring, patient and enthusiastic second grade teacher. Mary Rose will be just as loving and caring as a mother. Her personality shines when she is around children and kids are drawn to her compassion and nurturing ways. Mary Rose’s schedule is flexible and since she’s off during the summer, she will have plenty of time to spend with our child. She can’t wait to go for a cool splash in the pool with our little one! Bob is in the furniture business and he works very close to home. He is excited about walking with our child after school to our local library, the great parks or the fun playgrounds to explore! Bob is patient and will be a wonderful nurturing father.

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