Picture of Tonya McMullen & Tom Spangler

Tonya McMullen & Tom Spangler

Crawfordsville, IN

Hi there, we are Tommy and Tonya from Crawfordsville, Indiana! We are committed to each other, this adoption journey and to you. We believe that in our hearts of hearts that while life sometimes brings people together in unexpected ways, they are always brought together for a reason.

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About Us

We met over 15 years ago and have been in a committed relationship ever since. We continue to work for the same company today; Tommy is a crane operator and Tonya works in the office as an assistant accountant. We both love our careers, but Tonya can’t wait to stay at home with our little one! We support each other, honor one another, and feel that as a couple we are unbreakable. We enjoy life in the country on our 24 acre farm with our horses, Dreamer and Buckey. We also have 4 dogs and chickens that produce eggs for us. We are looking forward to introducing our child to the farm and showing them how to gather eggs and prepare them for a gourmet breakfast.

Tonya by Tommy

When I first met Tonya she was full of smiles and she hasn’t stopped smiling since! She always puts the needs of others before her own and is the best friend anyone could ask for. She loves our animals and spends a lot of time on our farm tending to their needs. She also enjoys spending time with her friends going on shopping sprees, going out of town for horse fairs or to NASCAR races. She loves when her nephews come to visit and they are eager to make room for another little one on their laps during story time or hold our child’s hand during nightly prayers. Tonya is looking forward to being a stay at home mother and can’t wait to take our little one to visit family and friends. I am blessed to become a parent with Tonya and know she will make a wonderful mother.

Tommy by Tonya

I knew I wanted to start a family with Tommy the first day I met him. He has a natural glow about him and is very caring, loving and gentle. He has the biggest heart of anybody I know and he can’t wait to welcome a child into our lives. He is a kid at heart and it shows when he sits for hours with our nephews playing Xbox games, playing Monopoly or just talking about their day. He enjoys taking them out on the land and showing them how to pet the horses the right way and also lets them do their feedings. I know he will be a great provider and make sure we have everything we need as a family. I am blessed to have this wonderful man in my life and our child will be blessed to call him Daddy.

About Parenting

We are ready to become devoted parents and we promise that our child will be loved and cared for every day. We are fully prepared for the good times and bad. We can’t wait to instill family traditions with our child such as Easter egg hunting, saying our prayers for Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas morning with grandparents. We’re looking forward to starting new traditions as well and seeing what our child will enjoy most! We want our child to know that they can come to us about anything and everything. We believe in a good education and will encourage them both in and out of school. We spend a lot of time with our family and friends and we believe family is the most important thing. Our child will be welcomed by many family members and the cousins are already talking about a play date! We look forward to making wonderful memories with our child.

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