Picture of Matias and Martha Sanchez

Matias and Martha Sanchez

Redwood City, CA

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to fulfill our dream of becoming a family through open adoption. We have always talked about being parents and are excited about becoming a family of three! We admire the courage and love you are demonstrating as you consider adoption. We can not wait to meet you and welcome you and your baby into our family!

Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de cumplir nuestro sueno de completar nuestra familia por modo de la adopcion abierta. Siempre hemos hablado acerca de ser padres y estamos muy emocionados en empesando a formar nuestra familia de tres. Admiramos el valor y el amor que demuestras al considerar la adopcion. No podemos esperar a conocerte y a darle la bienvenida a usted y a su bebe a nuestra familia!

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About Us

We met at a church activity in 1990; from the start we knew we would become husband and wife. Martha was compassionate, honest loyal, and cared deeply about her family. Matias was hardworking, responsible, sweet, and loved children. We were engaged after one year of dating and had a beautiful wedding in 1991. Our love was put to the ultimate test on August 20, 1997 when Matias had a work-related accident and became a paraplegic. We stayed strong and our faith, love, and determination have carried us through. Over the years we have achieved our goals and are now ready to share our happiness with a child.

About Martha

BY MATIAS: I admire how much Martha cares about others, especially her family. She is always looking for an opportunity to read to her nephew and patiently loves to teach her nieces how to cook. Martha is the foundation of her extended family; she supports her brothers and sisters and makes them feel loved and special. Martha can’t wait to plan our child’s birthday parties and bring treats in for his/her classmates. She takes the time to make our house impeccable and welcoming, qualities that easily explain her career as a house cleaning professional. Ever since I have known Martha, she has had motherly instincts. I can’t wait to be by her side as she shares her love of life with our child and begins the wonderful journey of parenthood.

About Matias

BY MARTHA: Matias has an uplifting personality; he is admired by everyone but even more by me! He is always looking ahead, planning and providing for his family with an optimistic perspective. In spite of the challenges he has encountered he continues to be very productive and energetic. Our nieces and nephews enjoy spending time with him. Our family and friends’ children always look for him and love to be around him. Matias has the gift of helping children feel respected and that their voices and opinions matter. Our niece, Jenny looks at Matias as a father figure. She always knows she can count on him. I look forward to seeing the joy in his eyes as he inspires our new child every day.

Our Family & Friends

Family is our number one priority! We have 23 siblings between us, some of whom live in Mexico. Our home is always filled with friends and family and we truly enjoy spending time with them! We both believe in supporting the family together and combining a little from both of our cultures in our activities. On Thanksgiving we enjoy getting together with family and friends, where we bring Hispanic and American food to share. As a result we have a blend of cultures, enjoying our traditional dinner consisting of turkey and homemade tamales. As a family we are active members of our church and try to contribute to our community by giving a little of our time to people in need. We are excited for our child to know the unconditional love, encouragement, laughter, and guidance of “family”.

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