Picture of Mitchell Goodman & Calvin Hao

Mitchell Goodman & Calvin Hao

Alameda, CA

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. As we excitedly prepare to start a family, we also deeply admire and respect your courage for considering open adoption. We believe open adoption can be an amazing and rewarding experience that benefits everyone involved. Through open adoption and this lifelong relationship, we look forward to sharing experiences and creating memories with you of infancy, childhood and beyond.

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About Us

We have been in a supportive, loving relationship for 7 years, having met through a local tennis team. We talked early on about the prospect of one day raising a family and are now excited and ready to expand our family through open adoption. Maintaining close family ties is very important to us both, as well as growing professionally and spiritually. As a couple, we have gained a better understanding of one another through family, friends and our two kid-friendly dogs, Cosmo and Midas, that joined our family 6 and 4 years ago. As parents, we will provide an environment filled with love and laughter. We will raise our child to be a healthy and productive member of society and, while that means lots of work, the journey will be fun as well.

About Calvin

From the moment I met him, I knew that Calvin was someone special. He embodies qualities that make him an ideal partner and future father. He is creative, hard-working, sincere, generous and also, the anchor of our household. Calvin is well respected in his architectural profession and is passionate in his long-term support of several non-profit organizations. He also serves on the Board of the Aids Relief Fund for China, a non-profit working on HIV/AIDS prevention and care efforts in China. Calvin looks forward to rediscovering the world through the eyes of our child. Watching him through the years during visits with nieces, nephews or friends and their children, I see a father-to-be who balances playfulness with the practical responsibilities of parenting. His passion for architecture, design and gardening transformed the house we moved into 6 years ago into the home where we are ready to raise our family.

About Mitch

Mitch is a devoted partner and my best friend. He supports my life goals and is emotionally grounded, intelligent, respectful of others and honest. He is caring with a generous spirit and instinctively finds the positive side of a person or situation. Although passionate about his career in healthcare, Mitch places family and close friends above all else. He cherishes holidays, birthdays and any other celebrations offering quality time with those that he loves. Uncle Mitch, as he is known to my sisters’ children, doesn’t pass up the opportunity to spend time with his nieces and nephews. He looks forward to quality time at the park with our child and handing down the hot chocolate mug he received when he was 4. Mitch enjoys tennis, photography and travel. With the small town feeling of Alameda, it’s no wonder that July 4th and Halloween are favorite times of the year. He helps organize the July 4th neighborhood potluck and loves treating the neighborhood kids to Halloween candy. I know he will be a great role model and father to our child.

Our Family

Spending time with our families is very important to us. We are both the youngest of 3 kids. Calvin’s parents, sisters Amy and Betty, and their families live in Riverside, CA. Mitch’s mom calls Athens, GA, her home, while middle brother Brad resides in Boston and older brother Jeff in San Francisco. During the year, we make sure to get everyone together in Riverside for Christmas and in Alameda for July 4th. In anticipation of another grandchild, Mitch’s mom has started to knit a baby blanket, Calvin’s nieces and nephews are looking forward to another cousin, and Uncle Jeff has signed up for baby-sitting duty. Our friends are incredible cheerleaders and supporters of us in this process. We have several friends who have become parents through open adoption and we love knowing our child will have friends who are also adopted.

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