Picture of Susan and Kirsten Cranston

Susan and Kirsten Cranston

Albuquerque-Santa Fe Area, NM

Hi! We can't wait for the day that our journeys will meet and all our lives and hearts will expand. We greatly admire the love, strength, and compassion it takes for you to consider open adoption and we welcome you into our lives. We promise you and your child an enormous bowl of love and a home where your child can learn, laugh, play and dream! ~~ Susan & Kirsten

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About Us

We just got married in October 2014! We fell in love many years ago after already becoming close friends years before that. We have shared many lifetimes’ worth of love and laughter, and are very supportive and committed to one another as our relationship continually deepens and grows. Our family includes two extraordinary dogs, Tessa and Chester. They are friendly and sweet, and can hardly wait to cuddle and play with a new friend. We love to travel and go on road trip adventures in the summer, exploring different parts of the country each year, which we'll continue with our child. We both feel a deep heart connection to being parents, and bringing a child into our family, our home, and our lives. Both of us plan on working part-time so we can alternate our work schedules and make sure that one of us will always be home with our child while they are young. We want to give you and your child our promise that we will provide a wide range of nurturing life experiences, an enormous bowl of love, and a home where your child can dream, laugh, play, and learn.

Susan (by Kirsten)

When I think of my Susan I am always reminded that when she is with me or anyone else she always shares her free spiritedness, open heart, and ability to speak her mind with great thought, kindness, and compassion for others. She loves to be with friends and family, and to travel and see new places. Susan has traveled throughout Europe and North Africa and is excited to teach our child about other cultures' rich traditions, ways of thinking, seeing, and living. She loves to bake (her yummy brownies are a specialty), is an avid reader, and looks forward to sharing many childhood storybooks at bedtimes with our little one. Susan loves her work as a speech-language pathologist at an elementary school. Her job allows her flexibility, with ample vacation times throughout the school year and summers off to spend with our child and family.

Kirsten (by Susan)

I knew I wanted to become Kirsten's friend from the moment I met her. I immediately connected to her charisma, energy, openness, and depth of feeling. Kirsten loves to decorate and make our home beautiful, cozy, warm, and livable. She is an amazing cook and enjoys “getting fancy” in the kitchen or making holiday meals. Kirsten hopes to cook with and for our child, just like she did with her Grandma when she was a little girl. Creativity is a very important part of who Kirsten is, whether it’s cooking, photography, sewing, or painting. She imagines many glittery, sticky, painty, family arts and crafts projects all together. Kirsten really enjoys her work as a Marital Family Therapist in private practice at her office which is just five minutes from home. Since she is self-employed, she has a flexible schedule that will enable her to meet the needs of our child and family.

Family & Friends

Originally from the Los Angeles area, we have lots of family and friends there whom we visit every year. Between us we have eight nephews and one niece that we love dearly. When our older nephews were little we enjoyed hiking, swimming, making art, or playing games with them. With our younger nephews and niece, we have fun playing "pretend", reading, and visits to the park! Kirsten’s parents live near us in the culturally vibrant community of Santa Fe, and they are very excited about another grandchild joining the family. We often go there to visit them, and take our dogs with us to spend weekends. Also nearby are several close friends with children who can’t wait to be a regular part of our child’s life and for all our kids to play together.

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