Picture of Stacy Uliana, Jack Kenney and Alex, Eli and Ian

Stacy Uliana, Jack Kenney and Alex, Eli and Ian

Greenwood, IN

We have much love to give another child, and we believe our paths are crossing for a reason. You must have a lot of strength and courage to be exploring open adoption, and we're sure your child will show the same strength and courage when making decisions in life. We would welcome a relationship with you and invite you to remain a part of our lives as our child grows.

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Our family

Jack is proud to be Ian and Alex's father and Eli's stepfather. He is our short-order cook, know-it-all when it comes to useless trivia, and great at impressions. He makes us all laugh. Stacy provides our family with stability, comfort and love. She loves to organize family games and we can't wait to include Go Fish and Candyland again! Ian is our 18-year-old scholar, soon-to-be valedictorian of his high school class. He is quick-witted and always there to challenge, ask and answer questions. Alex is our 16-year-old social butterfly, who is friends with everyone. He is consistently patient and kind, especially to his litter brother Eli. Eli is our ten-year-old athlete and budding mathematician. He keeps our family moving with his energy. The boys are excited to add a new brother or sister to our family!

Family bonds

We want our children to grow up knowing that family provides an unbreakable bond and unconditional love. We are always there to support one another and to help in a time of need. We love that Stacy’s mother has been able to help care for all her grandchildren so that she can have that special bond and watch them grow. She can't wait to have another little one to go on hikes, take to the zoo and movies. We also have fun together. We have a large, close family with almost everyone living within an hour of one another. In fact, our baby will have twenty-five cousins to play with. We look forward to bringing the baby to all our family holidays and parties. Our child will love to go to the weekly family get-togethers to cheer on the Colts and to the bonfires at Nonno and Nonna's. There will also be plenty of beach house vacations with Stacy's sisters and their kids. There is nothing like playing on the beach for five days with your cousins!

Building traditions and memories

Just as we remember and cherish the family vacations we took, we want our children to do the same. We hope to see all the national parks and the wonder this country has to offer, and look forward to sharing these experiences with our little one. But we also stay close to home, camping, taking our sons to baseball games and Indy car races. We love traditions and are looking forward to building new ones! Our friend, Joe, puts on a heck of a fireworks display in our backyard every Fourth of July. In the evenings after work, Stacy plays with the kids the same games her dad played with her: hide-and-go-seek-in-the-dark, and memory. In the summer, we spend a lot of time outdoors. Every now and then, we have a friendly kickball game with the family next door. We are excited to have a new team member.

Stacy and Jack

Stacy loves any activity outdoors, especially taking a long run with her sister on a beautiful day. She has run many marathons all over the country. We often go with her to watch the race and take a vacation. Jack is a basketball player. He has been playing with the same group of friends and family for years. Jack is also a music fan. He has quite a collection of old rock and jazz albums, and together we like going to concerts. In 1997, we met through work and immediately became great friends. By 2006, both of our lives had changed and we found ourselves single parents. As we spent time together, our families naturally merged into one and our great friendship became the foundation for our love. We were married in Aruba on July 15, 2009 and would love to add another member to our family. We both feel blessed to have had significantly older siblings who doted on us. We want our littlest one to have the same experience, and our boys are ready to start the dotting!

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