Picture of Roni and Rebekkah Rae-Staples

Roni and Rebekkah Rae-Staples

Berkeley , CA

We are Roni and Rebekkah from Berkeley, CA . Thank you for taking the first step in getting to know us and viewing our webpage. We are committed to open adoption and want you to know how much we admire your courage and selflessness during this time. We would love the opportunity to get to know you better and possibly welcoming you into our family.

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We met on a beautiful summer day in 2002 on a flight from New York to San Francisco, where fate somehow sat us next to each other. Roni was carrying a bag of West Indian delicacies that her mother made and Rebekkah was carrying the latest issue of “Baseball Digest”. We have been traveling, eating exotic food and arguing about baseball (Roni loves the NY Yankees and Rebekkah loves the Oakland A’s) ever since! We love to travel, play sports, hang out with family, listening to music and meeting people. Combining as many of these as possible in a day is a perfect day for us. We are both in awe of how we came together and can’t believe how lucky we each are to have found the person who will always challenge us to follow our bliss. Our friends are often amazed at the respect and unconditional love we have for each other. We can’t wait to share this happiness with our child.

Roni by Rebekkah

Roni is a beautiful woman, an inspiring partner, a great friend, a responsible provider and soon to be the most fun mom ever. I really admire her dedication to work and family, but mostly I admire her endless capacity for joy and her ability to spread it. No matter how irritated or frustrated I get I just have to look at her smile or watch her playing with the dogs to have my priorities instantly back in order. Roni loves all kids and kids are always drawn to her, partly because she’s a big kid herself. Roni is the person everyone goes to first when they have a problem because they know she won’t judge them and will support them even if when they don’t always make the best choices.Roni’s capacity for joy and caring are the most important qualities in a parent and the reason she will be the most fun mom ever.

Rebekkah by Roni

Rebekkah is going to be a fantastic mom! She is one of the greatest human beings I know. She means the world to me and makes me a better person. I am grateful everyday for having her in my life. Rebekkah is so much fun to be around and I love to laugh with her. When I first met Rebekkah she didn’t have any young kids in her life. She immediately took to and fell in love with the children in my family and them with her. She is truly their favorite cousin. Rebekkah makes sure our home and furry kids are well taken care of. From dinner at 8pm every night to making sure the pet treat basket is fully stocked. Our home is truly our castle. Rebekkah is so excited and looks forward to staying at home with our child.


We are so lucky to live in the always beautiful Berkeley, CA. This is a wonderfully diverse neighborhood with events and community activities happening every day. We live in our beautiful home located near beautiful parks, great schools and churches all within walking distance from our home. We have a very tight knit community that always looks out for each other. Every weekend some type of family event is happening so we can partake and join. We are looking forward to pushing our stroller through the farmers market or taking our child to the Museum to see a new art show. We have two great lovable dogs Lucy and Ethel. Also part of the furry family is our zany cat Garbo. Just like us they are looking forward to having someone to play with and join our little family.

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