Picture of Daniel Peck and Timothy Blum

Daniel Peck and Timothy Blum

San Jose, CA

We believe placing a child for adoption is a tremendous act of love and would be grateful for the opportunity to share your brave journey. We look forward to becoming parents and hiking in the redwood forest, taking trips to Disneyland and exploring the world in an open and fun environment. We believe in the importance of teaching a child about you and your love and hope we can develop a lifelong friendship.

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Our Promise

We promise to provide a safe and loving home. We promise unconditional love and unending patience. We promise to teach respect for nature and compassion for others. We promise to share dinner as a family every night. We also promise to provide opportunities for fun and learning, with trips to Disneyland and hikes through redwood forests. Above all, we promise to always be there as a family, even when things get tough. Finally, we promise to teach our child to embrace his or her adoption story and to provide the opportunity for him or her to develop a meaningful relationship with you, whatever form that may take. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We are happy to share anything you’d like to know, and we look forward to getting to know you as well.

About Daniel, By Tim

Daniel is truly a kid at heart in the greatest sense. He enjoys baseball, still reads comics, and absolutely loves all things Disney. He’s smart and creative and takes every opportunity to try a different experience or discover new things. Daniel works at a local college and is passionate about learning. I just know he'll happily tackle every vocabulary lesson, math problem, and science project that comes along. We won't have to alter our schedules too much as Dan's schedule matches up great with school-age kids. Daniel is also strong and compassionate. While he’ll be the first to celebrate a success, he’ll also be the one that stays when things get tough. If there’s a solution, he’ll find it—but if not, he’ll listen to every word, dry the tears, and give the biggest hug.

About Tim, By Daniel

Tim’s going to make an amazing dad! He’s warm and energetic and has the brightest smile I’ve ever seen. As a former Marine, you’d expect him to be tough, but he’s really a big softie. He’s also the most patient man I’ve ever met. Tim is an amazing cook and bakes the best bread, and he's going to be a real hands-on dad. Happily his job is one where he can work from home on a regular basis. Tim loves to solve puzzles and absolutely loves technology. It’s no wonder he works in high tech here in Silicon Valley and enjoys genealogy and strategy games. I can see many happy hours around the table playing board games and putting together puzzles as a family.

Our Family and Friends

We both come from loving and supportive families. We've got roots in Connecticut and Florida where we grew up, plus family in California, Texas, Indiana, Delaware and California. Family visits are filled with lots of hugs, stories and laughter, and, of course, lots of good food. Both grandmas have already told us they are ready to commence with the spoiling! We are also blessed with a great group of close friends who look forward to becoming honorary aunts and uncles. Our pets are an important part of our family. We have four very playful and friendly cats who follow us from room to room and love to share our couch and laps. A chocolate lab will be joining our family soon as well. Animals were an important part of our childhoods, and we want them to be there for our kids as well.

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