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Scott and Tiffany Ital

Blacksburg, SC

We are Scott and Tiffany Ital from Blacksburg, South Carolina. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and getting to know us. We know you have a lot to consider and admire your compassion and strength for exploring open adoption. We hope you find comfort in knowing that we will be supportive and respectful of you and your decisions. We look forward to talking to you!

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About Us

We met in Germany nearly 20 years ago when we were both serving in the Armed Forces. Since then, we have become the best of friends and have been married for five wonderful years. We have a deep love and respect for one another and we look forward to welcoming our child into our loving and nurturing family. Scott works as a Branch Manager for a supply company and Tiffany as a purchaser for a home building company. Both businesses are family owned and oriented which allows us great flexibility in our schedules. We will enjoy going on fun family walks with our child, exploring the stars through the telescope, or teaching him or her how to plant a garden. It will be exciting to see our child’s expression after tasting food we grew from our garden. We are so excited about becoming parents and sharing our lives and fun adventures with our child.

About Scott (by Tiffany)

Scott is an amazing person who has a kind, compassionate, and fun-loving spirit. I admire his ability to make others laugh, which makes him a big hit with our friends’ children. Scott has tremendous artistic abilities in music, visual arts and creative building. He is eager to explore his passions with our child. I’m sure our child will absolutely love his inspiring imagination building forts with Lincoln Logs, blocks or couch cushions. I picture the two of them laughing every step of the way. Scott also enjoys any outdoor activity, whether it’s fishing with his father, wake-surfing with friends, golfing or exploring new hiking trails. He looks forward to seeing the thrill on our child’s face after catching his or her first fish with daddy! I can only imagine how Scott’s heart will melt when he and our child discover Orion’s Belt on a starry night!

About Tiffany (by Scott)

Tiffany is the most loving and patient person I know. She has a strong sense of family that keeps her grounded. Tiffany loves being surrounded by family, friends and giving her time to bring joy to others. In her spare time she enjoys working in the garden, making quilts and playing with our dogs. She looks forward to teaching our child how to plant a watermelon. It will be great to enjoy it on a hot summer day once it’s ready! Tiffany finds great joy in the simple things in life like reading a good book or baking her delicious peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies. She looks forward to sharing these experiences and more with our child. She will be a committed and adoring mother.

Our Family

We are fortunate to have close families and enjoy spending our time with them every chance we get. Scott and his family are originally from Louisiana, but his parents live right around the corner from our home. Grandma Jeanne can hardly wait for the arrival of a grandchild to love and chase around the yard. Grandpa Dick looks forward to passing down the secret to his famous shrimp and crawfish boils. Tiffany was born in Texas and raised in Colorado. She is the youngest of three siblings and has many cousins, nephews and a niece who we hope to visit often on trips to Colorado and Texas with our little one. Our families are so excited to welcome a new addition to the family and they are so supportive of our decision to adopt.

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