Picture of Julie St.John and Gunther Stilgenbauer

Julie St.John and Gunther Stilgenbauer

Tehachapi, CA

Hi, We really appreciate your loving and courageous decision to consider open adoption. We chose open adoption so that our family can stay in contact with you and you can be a part of your child's life. Please allow us to introduce ourselves and let you know how our hearts' desire is to provide a loving home for your child. We look forward to getting to know you. Warmly, Julie and Gunther

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Our Story

We met at a celebration of mutual friends. Long walks with the dog and visiting places deepened our feelings for each other and the fascination with our different cultural backgrounds. Our wedding took place under the apple tree of Julie's family home. We have been together for many years and have a strong relationship because of the time we invest every day. We work hard at keeping our loving marriage vibrant by encouraging each other and taking the time to listen.

About Gunther

Gunther is one of the most generous, dependable, and intelligent men I have ever met. When he sets his mind on a goal, he works very hard to reach it. He grew up in Germany and our child will grow up in a home with the benefit of at least two (plus yours) cultural heritages. His position as a legal advisor provides the opportunity to work in various countries. He loves children and they always enjoy being with him. I can see Gunther watering the garden with our child, eating ice cream together at his favorite ice cream shop, or listening to music and dancing together.

About Julie

Julie is my great love. From her work as a preschool teacher she has lots of experience working with young children. They love being around her because she allows them to feel accepted and important. She has a positive attitude, a wonderful smile and a sense of humor. I can see Julie going shopping with our child at the local farmer's market to get organic fruits and vegetables, and afterwards fixing a healthy family meal together. They will also go for walks in our neighborhood.

Our interests and Activities

We both like to hike, take bike rides, practice yoga and work in the garden. Julie likes to create art. She has her own loom for weaving and has just finished her first quilt. She cannot wait to see the way our child will develop his/her own creative art style. Gunther enjoys going to soccer matches and kicking a ball with children. He is looking forward to encouraging our child to experience different physical activities. We love to travel and learn about other cultures. Some cuisines we have brought home to be a part of our lives are cheese fondue from Switzerland and an eggplant dip from Jordan. We want to travel with our child so he/she will see other cultures, experience differences and realize the similarities of people from all over the world.

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