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Rebecca Gibson

Durham, NC

Hello! I’m Rebecca, from Durham, NC. I deeply respect the bravery and love you are showing in considering open adoption. I would love to talk with you and get to know you in the way that is most comfortable for you. I hope to hear from you, and I hope you find what you are looking for during this journey.

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My Home

I live in a cozy brick home with a big backyard, at the end of a quiet street. The neighborhood kids all play together and we’re a short walk from the elementary school and 3 different parks with playgrounds. It is a safe, cheerful neighborhood, where my child can meet friends after school to play together on the swings in the park, or ride bikes around the block. Durham is a wonderful place to raise a family. Close to the beach and to the mountains, our city was included as one of the ten best places to live! It’s just the right size and has a wonderfully diverse population. I just know my child will love the puppet shows, the parades downtown, going to baseball games and hiking with mommy on the nature trails along the Eno River nearby. Spring and fall in Durham seem to go on forever, and during the long twilight hours in the summer I like to go to outdoor music concerts. I can already see my little one dancing around on the grass at the bluegrass music festival.

About Me

I love children and I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I’m excited to begin a family with a wonderful child and we will have so much fun together. I grew up in a close, loving family that taught me to have a sense of adventure in the world and to value friendships. I want to share this with my child as well. Growing up, my vacations and happy holidays were spent not only with relatives, but also with much-loved friends that were as close as family. My child will always know that families grow through bonds of love. You will always be welcomed into our lives and hearts, as well.

Just for Fun

I’m very creative! I’ve never been one to follow a recipe, pattern or set of instructions. I like creating things my own way and my child will always enjoy that freedom too. I’ll love hanging up my child’s finger paintings on the refrigerator. I can already see us decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments we’ll make together. I also love to read, and I dream of the day when I can snuggle up with my child to read a favorite bedtime story. I organize a knitting group in Durham and I cherish the close, warm friendship we all share. Many of the other members have young children. We’re already making baby sweaters and hats for each other’s children, and planning fun family trips to the sheep farms in the countryside. Kids love to pet the baby lambs and see wool being made into yarn.


I’m an Administrative Assistant at Duke University, and I love both the stability and flexibility my job gives me. I work close to home, my hours are flexible, and my colleagues at work are very supportive and excited for me to start a family. I can’t wait to bring my child on lunchtime picnics in Duke’s gardens. We will explore the winding paths, feed the ducks and watch tadpoles turn into frogs in the goldfish pond. I also taught Middle School for ten years. I loved every minute and often visit with my former students, many of whom are all grown up now! Teaching is still my passion and I hope to return to the classroom someday. I’ll be very active in my child’s education. I’ll love teaching my child to read. I look forward to helping him or her build bottle rockets and models of Rome for class projects, and being a chaperone on fun school field trips in the future.

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