Picture of Michael & Adriana Hörling

Michael & Adriana Hörling

Cupertino, CA

We are very excited that you are reading our letter. We know you are facing a very difficult decision, and we hope you will be reassured that you have found a home full of love and joy for your baby. We can’t wait to become parents and offer our child a world of love. We are eager to welcome you to our extended family. We look forward to getting to know you! ~ Michael & Adriana

Estamos muy entusiasmados que usted está leyendo nuestra carta. Sabemos que enfrenta una decisión muy difícil y esperamos que se sienta tranquila porque ha encontrado un hogar lleno de amor y alegría para su bebé. Anhelamos ser padres y ofrecerle a nuestro hijo o hija un mundo de amor. Estamos deseosos de darle a usted la bienvenida a nuestra familia extendida. ¡Esperamos conocerla!

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About Us

We met in early 2001 in San Francisco, when Michael’s aunt, a fellow 49ers fan with Adriana, introduced us. We hit it off right away over the movie “Chocolat” and a tasting of fine chocolate Michael brought from a visit home to France. Our romance blossomed as we strolled in California’s scenic natural wonders, went to gymnastics meets, cheered for the 49ers, and more. Michael strove to learn a lot about the spinal cord injury Adriana sustained in college in a gymnastics accident, as a result of which she uses a wheelchair, and this made us even closer. In 2003, we were married at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, followed by a church wedding in Adriana’s hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico. We feel very blessed to have found each other and to be able to enjoy our loving, caring and joyous relationship every day. Our mutual trust and care allow us to be naturally very open and honest with each other. We hope to cultivate the same kind of relationship with our child, as well as with our child’s birth family.

Michael by Adriana

I am so lucky to have found Michael. Michael is the sweetest, most caring and thoughtful person I know (in addition to my parents). He loves to help people and do things for them. He is a hardworking software engineer, and yet he will devote hours to tutoring his teenage sister in math or helping his mother troubleshoot her computer. He is infinitely patient. Michael loves to learn and to discuss any subject, from cooking (he’s a great cook!) to philosophy, but he especially loves math and science. He also loves to explain what he knows in his charming French accent, and he can’t wait to teach our child many things. I can already see them playing piano four hands and working on science experiments together. Michael is also a very nurturing person, devoted to his family and friends. He is going to be an absolutely fantastic dad.

Adriana by Michael

The warm and unconditionally joyous character of Adriana got me hooked from the start. Her generosity, integrity, and loving relationship with her family made her the soul mate I always dreamed of. I love to make her giggle and laugh every day, and enjoy happy moments together, like spotting the latest flowers in our garden, planning our next romantic getaway, or cooking together a tasty new recipe she just found. As an accomplished lawyer and now law professor, she is intelligent, responsible and organized. She has great energy and a taste for challenge, which she cultivated during her 9 years of gymnastics competition, together with her playfulness and sense of fun. She can sing along with any 80’s song, and she is endeared by anything small and cute. Her gymnastics spinal cord injury only strengthened her joy of life, which impresses many around us. I can’t wait to see the joy and happiness of our child playing with Adriana, singing together, learning all kinds of fun games, and being inspired by his or her wonderful mother.

Our Friends, Family and Community

We are lucky to have very close relationships with family and friends in many different places. Adriana’s family often gets together for holidays and family events in New York City, where her sisters and their four kids live, as do Michael’s aunt and uncle. We can’t wait to take our child to Adriana’s childhood home in Puerto Rico, where grandparents Larry and Edda will introduce our child to the Caribbean beaches and the Puerto Rican culture. Vovó (Grandma) Helena, Michael’s mother, will also love to show her youngest grandchild the beaches, great music, and yummy Brazilian cuisine in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro. Many of Michael’s friends and relatives live in France and Germany. In between our visits there and their visits to California, Michael keeps in constant touch through phone, email, and videoconference. As his close-knit group of childhood friends have sixteen kids among them, any place we go visit in France is sure to have pals for our child to play with. In Germany, Michael’s aunt and uncle can teach our child about life on their farm. Everyone we know asks frequently about the progress of our adoption. Our friends in the Bay Area have already offered to throw us a baby shower. We look forward to our baby having a third “grandma” in our neighbor and dear friend, Barbara, who is also adopted. We live in Cupertino, a small city at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains, about 45 minutes south of San Francisco in the culturally diverse Bay Area. Our home is on a quiet, tree-lined street with a community of friendly neighbors. We imagine picking fruit from our back yard with our child and making ice cream and pies. We are walking distance from great schools and two lovely parks where many children play every day. We will love taking our child hiking and biking in the nearby hills. Within an hour’s drive are beaches, beautiful redwood tree parks, and San Francisco, with activities from ballet to science museums. Our favorite place, Yosemite National Park, is just a few hours’ drive, and we can’t wait to go as a family.

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