Picture of Ken & Sonja Hessbrown

Ken & Sonja Hessbrown

Fairfield, CA

We are Ken and Sonja from Fairfield, California, and we thank you for taking time to read our letter. We respect your courage and strength in considering open adoption. We are both very excited to become parents through open adoption and are dedicated to developing a relationship that is comfortable for you. We hope this letter conveys our love and sincerity, and we look forward to meeting you. Wishing you the best, Ken & Sonja Hessbrown

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About us

We first met around ten years ago, while salsa dancing one evening during a work-related trip to Peru. After that trip, we began working together and have developed a deep love and respect for each other. We celebrated our wedding with family and friends in Switzerland, and we have been happily married for more than five years. We consider ourselves very lucky that we found each other. We are open, caring, and fun-loving adults who have traveled to all corners of the world. We are now happily settled in California and cannot wait to welcome a baby into our family. Ken is a pediatrician and university professor, and Sonja is a nutritionist and research scientist. We have both dedicated our careers to improving the health and nutrition of young children in low-income countries. We will both reduce our work schedules so we will be at home to spend lots of quality time with our little one!

Sonja by Ken

Sonja is a creative and caring person. She started babysitting when she was very young and loves spending time with children. Sonja is the type of person who lights up a room, and our friends’ young children naturally gravitate towards her. I am eagerly anticipating raising a family with her. Sonja grew up in Zurich, Switzerland. Her native language is Swiss German and she speaks English and several other languages fluently. She plans to speak both English and Swiss German with our child. She loves the sun and lifestyle of California and plans road trips as often as possible. She also loves returning to Europe each year to visit with family and friends.

Ken by Sonja

Ken is a very intelligent and honest man who cares deeply about people and social justice. He has traveled the whole world and is as comfortable in a rural village in Latin America as he is at home. He has even been invited to Thailand by the royal princess, who presented him an award for his work with children! Ken constantly comes up with novel ideas and gets excited about new projects. He loves to cook and take care of his family and friends. Ken has a great relationship with his son Rajan and daughter Jazmin, who continue to stay in close communication with their “Pa.” He’ll be an excellent dad to our child.

Our home

Several years ago we moved to the countryside just outside Fairfield, California, which is close to the San Francisco Bay Area. Our home is always open to visitors for a barbecue in our backyard and for our many friends who travel through California. Our dog, Franklin, loves running around the large garden, which will be a perfect place for our child to play ball, dig in the soil, enjoy a tree house, or just imagine. We live in a small friendly farming community. We are looking forward to going for bike rides with our child to visit ponies, donkeys, and many other farm animals in the neighborhood. Our house is only a few hundred yards from an excellent school, and we are close to the town of Fairfield, which has playgrounds, mini-golf, a movie theater, and shops to explore together with our child.

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