Picture of Jonathan & Dawn Garrison

Jonathan & Dawn Garrison

Archer Lodge, NC

We can only imagine what it is like to make the brave decision you are considering. The depth of our respect and admiration for you in this journey is immense. The openness and caring involved with open adoption is something we strongly believe in. We would be honored for the opportunity to welcome you into our family and will forever cherish you for your courage and selflessness.

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About Us

We met as students at the University of Florida. We were introduced through friends and from the moment we met, we had instant chemistry! We fell in love and have been happily married for over 10 years. We've been blessed ever since and look forward to sharing our love with a little one! We work in the software industry and love the flexibility our jobs allow. We’ll enjoy taking some time from work to spend with our little one. From attending after-school activities to taking adventurous trips to the park, we're excited about sharing special moments with our child!

Dawn Through Jonathan's Eyes

People tell stories about love at first sight, and I used to think they were silly, until I met Dawn. What I admire most is her ability to see the best in people. She is encouraging and insightful. The loving patience she demonstrates with our nephew, Joshua, shows me what an amazing mother Dawn will be. Whether it's baking cookies or making Thanksgiving dinner, Dawn loves to help others. Dawn is an amazing woman, loving wife and will make an incredible mother.

Jonathan Through Dawn's Eyes

What drew me to Jonathan when we met are the same things that keep me close to him today. Jonathan has a caring and compassionate attitude, especially toward children. One of the things I love about Jonathan is his sense of humor. He knows how to make everyone around him laugh! Jonathan has a passion for teaching and learning, traits good fathers should have. I look forward to the special moments Jonathan will have with our child, from reading bedtime stories, to roasting marshmallows over a campfire. He will make a fun and loving dad!

Things We Enjoy

We love reading and want to share with our child the wonderful stories that influenced us growing up. We can't wait to see our child's eyes light up while reading about Charlie's adventures in the Chocolate Factory. We’ll also love to share giggles with our little one from reading Dr. Seuss! Dawn loves to cross stitch and she’s excited about teaching our child how much fun it is! There’s no doubt she and our child will work together on a special piece someday. Dawn also likes to bake cookies and looks forward to having a young assistant to help mix the batter and lick the spoons! Jonathan enjoys astronomy and will be thrilled to introduce our child to the wonders of the night sky. The joy of sharing that first glimpse of Saturn’s rings through a telescope with our child is something he can hardly wait for! We are both active in our church, which is like our extended family. We can imagine teaching our child in Sunday School or seeing him or her singing in the children’s choir with the other kids. Every day will be a fun, new adventure with our child!

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