Picture of Denis and Ginny Rand

Denis and Ginny Rand

Decatur, GA

We appreciate you taking the time to read about us! We admire your courage and your strength as you consider these decisions. We are so excited to expand our loving family and share our lives with a child who will be so precious to our hearts. We would love to hear about your hopes and wishes for your future and to learn what is important to you.

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Hello from Decatur, Georgia!

Hi, we are Denis, Ginny & Rory and we so appreciate your decision to consider open adoption. We respect and admire your courage and strength. We would be honored to get to know you and share this journey with you. We would love to hear about your hopes and dreams for the future. We look forward to speaking with you! We would love to hear from you!

Our Home

Our home is in Decatur, Georgia on a cul de sac in a neighborhood filled with kids and fun. We have neighborhood parties on every occasion, whether it’s the Annual Rubber Duckie Race in the creek at 4th of July or the Halloween Costume Parade before trick or treating. We can’t wait to see our little ones decked out in their best Halloween outfits! Denis leads the kids in caroling at the Christmas party and MC’s many of the kids events. Rory spends many summer days at our neighborhood pool. He’ll love having his little brother or sister come along with him to play Marco Polo! A lot of times, we have our best adventures right at home with our two dogs and three cats. We are so excited to add one more member to our happy family!

Family and Friends

In such a close knit neighborhood there are always plenty of friends to have backyard playdates and family cookouts with. Rory also spends a lot of time with his Grann and Grandad, who live nearby. They have a place in Highlands in the mountains where we all love to hike, canoe, and swim in the summers. That cool mountain air is a real treat during the Atlanta summers! We look forward to taking our kids to Sliding Rock for a natural waterslide adventure! We also have many close friends, some of whom we have known since elementary school. We love to all get together on beach and lakehouse vacations with them and their children. We look forward to our next child joining in on all the fun! We also have family and friends around the country who we visit with regularly. Rory can’t wait to take his sibling on their first airplane ride!

About Us

We met 10 years ago and felt an instant connection that has grown deeper and sweeter each year. We love being together, whether working side by side from home or singing Denis’s newest songs in the car. We enjoy having fun, hiking with our dogs or playing family games of hide and seek. We have always supported each other in following our dreams, and it is our special joy to share this life with Rory and Isabel now. Isabel is 21 and away at college. Her mother lives nearby so Isabel shares her time with us often. The house fills with energy when she and her friends come home to visit! Rory is six years old and he is a sweetheart! He loves other kids and he has been saying that he wants a younger sibling since he learned to talk. He even has two make believe siblings who live in a secret place in his room. Rory will be even more excited to play make believe with his younger brother or sister! He will love showing his sibling how to look for treasures in the yard or build forts to hide in. We are so excited about expanding our family again and look forward to welcoming another child!

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