Picture of Robert Rain and Don Kiehn

Robert Rain and Don Kiehn

Bedford, TX

Hi! We are Robert Rain, Don Kiehn & Sebastian Rain-Kiehn from Bedford, Texas. We are delighted that you are reading our letter and hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into our lives! Please know how much we admire your courage and strength in considering open adoption. We are so excited about expanding our family through open adoption. We are very eager to speak with you and build a comfortable relationship with you.

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Our careers...

We have incredible careers that allow us to work with children. Don is a fourth grade elementary school teacher and loves working with his students. Robert teaches elementary Theatre Arts and is certified to be a school principal. We love working with children and are excited that we will have summers, afternoons and holidays off. We can’t wait until the day that Sebastian’s little brother or sister can join us for a summer stroll through Mickey and Minnie’s enchanted kingdom.

About us...

Sixteen years ago, we were introduced by a mutual friend and our connection was instant. It did not take long to realize that we shared similar values and goals. To this day, we know that we are meant to be together forever! One thing that makes our relationship strong is that we honor the commitment we have made to each other. In 2007, we were given the greatest gift imaginable - our son, Sebastian! Parenthood has enriched our lives beyond words. We live each day with confidence and pride because our family is built on trust, honesty and kindness. We have a fantastic life filled with laughter, friends, family and infinite and unconditional love!

Our home...

We live in a friendly neighborhood in Bedford, Texas a city about 20 minutes from Dallas. We adore our neighbors who are just like family! Sebastian loves to swim, roller skate, ride bikes and play ball with his “best friends” across the street. Holidays are special times with our neighbors, too. We look forward to annual trick-or-treat dates, Christmas gift exchanges and neighborhood Easter egg hunts! We can’t wait to host a neighborhood party to welcome home our new little one! Our warm family room in our safe and comfortable home is where we spend most of our time together. We play board games, put together jigsaw puzzles, make skyscrapers out of blocks and challenge one another to games of ping-pong on our Wii. We eat dinner together every night and love talking about our adventures from that day. Sebastian has already picked-out where his baby brother or sister will be seated some day! Our fenced-in back yard is a great place for our children to play. We have a playhouse, a basketball hoop, a slide and lots of water toys. Our affectionate dogs, Zeus (a Poodle) and Zavier (a Maltipoo) love to be involved in everything we do. They adore children and are a very important part of our family.

Our families...

We are very close to our families. Robert’s parents, Grammy and Grandpa live close by and can’t wait to have another grandchild to spoil. They look forward to hosting sleepovers at their house and surprising their grandchildren with day trips to the Fort Worth Zoo! We also love spending Christmas with Robert’s family and will enjoy adding a new stocking to the mantle at Grammy’s house. Don’s family lives in Oklahoma and we love visiting them several times a year. Grandma is an excellent sewer, so she will make sure that her grandchildren are dressed in style! Aunt Virginia lives in Redlands, California with a handful of adoring aunts, uncles and cousins. They can’t wait to hug and kiss the newest addition to our family.

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