Picture of Raheleh Folkerts and Julie Rysenga

Raheleh Folkerts and Julie Rysenga

Denver, CO

Thank you for taking time to read our site. We are very excited about being parents and expanding our family. Since we are both adopted, we believe in open adoption and are grateful that you are considering this as an option for your baby. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your life plans as well as the hopes and dreams you have for your baby.

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About Us

We met ten years ago in Austin, Texas through a mutual friend and haven’t looked back. While we complement each other with our differences, we are bonded together by our common interests, values, and sense of humor. In 2008, we moved to Denver for Raheleh’s job and we’ve built a fun and adventurous life together with friends, family, and pets. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday afternoon on the couch reading books, going to see the latest blockbuster, or taking a road trip, our lives together are wonderfully rich and happy


We both come from loving and supportive families. Julie was adopted through a closed adoption at two weeks old and grew up in Minnesota. Growing up, her household consisted of her mother, father, maternal grandmother, and two younger sisters. In 2005, Julie found her birthmother and found out she has two half-brothers. Getting to know her birthmother has been an incredible experience! Her adoptive and birth family are so excited to meet the newest member of our family. Raheleh was adopted at two and a half years old through an orphanage in Iran. She has two older sisters, nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and a great nephew. Raheleh’s family is pretty multicultural, peppered with native Texans. One niece was adopted from San Antonio and is Hispanic and one nephew was adopted from Guatemala. Everyone cannot wait to continue expanding on all the love and laughter our family has to offer.

Our Home and Community

Denver is surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We look forward to raising our child in this community because there is so much to do. We relish seeing our child go horseback riding for the first time, look in awe at the exotic fish at the aquarium, taste new foods that Denver has to offer, and wear a Broncos jersey and chant “Let’s go Broncos”. With a gleam in his or her eye, we want our child to explore the neighborhood, smell the aroma of chocolate chip cookies in our house, play with the dogs and cats and feel so much happiness with our family. We cannot wait to make birthdays and holidays magical and watching the wonderment in our child’s eyes as he or she experience things for the first time.


Our love of movies has been a part of both our lives since we were young. Both of our families enjoy the Academy Awards and trying to figure out who is going to win the Oscar. We host Academy Award parties, have voting contests, and provide prizes to the winners. We can’t wait to have our child join in on all the fun and hand out miniature toy trophies. Julie prepares wonderful meals for every party and Raheleh is the perennial party planner who comes up with the themes and decorations. We enjoy learning new things such as zip lining, snowmobiling, white-water rafting, and travelling. In October of this year we just completed the Superhero Urban Challenge and in November we hosted a baby shower for our niece. We can’t wait to share these experiences with our child and to hear their laughter ring through our house. Our love of learning, travelling, and our belief in experiencing life to its fullest are what we look forward to sharing with our child.

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