Picture of Raheleh Folkerts and Julie Rysenga

Raheleh Folkerts and Julie Rysenga

Denver, CO

Thank you for taking time to get to know us. We are very excited about being parents and expanding our family. Since WE ARE BOTH ADOPTED, we know how important it is for your child to feel loved unconditionally and feel like a part of the family. We hope this profile gives you an idea of who we are and what we would love to share with your baby. Raheleh & Julie

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Love & Laughter

We met over ten years ago in Austin, Texas through a mutual friend and have been together ever since. We got married in Connecticut in 2013. While we complement each other with our differences, we are bonded together by our common interests, values, and sense of humor. In 2008, we moved to Denver for Raheleh’s job and we’ve built a fun and adventurous life together with friends, family, and pets. Whether it’s traveling, doing the Inflatable Run, snowmobiling, exploring our city, or going to various festivals, our lives together are wonderfully rich and happy.

Family is Everything

We both come from loving and supportive families. Julie was adopted through a closed adoption at two weeks old and grew up in Minnesota. Growing up, her household consisted of her mother, father, maternal grandmother, and two younger sisters. In 2005, Julie found her birthmother and found out she has two half-brothers. Getting to know her birth family has been an incredible experience! Her adoptive and birth family are so excited to meet the newest member of our family. Raheleh was adopted at two and a half years old through an orphanage in Iran. She has two older sisters, nieces, nephews, great-nieces, and a great nephew. Raheleh’s family is pretty multicultural, peppered with native Texans. One niece was adopted from San Antonio and is Hispanic and one nephew was adopted from Guatemala. Everyone cannot wait to continue expanding on all the love and laughter our family has to offer.

Our Home and Community

We have a 4-bedroom house in a great neighborhood filled with tree-lined streets. There are several great, diverse public and private school options right within walking distance. We look forward to taking our child to and from school and taking them to the nearby parks. We really value education and that will go beyond the classroom. We're both avid readers and very curious about the world. We hope to inspire that in our child. We plan to take them everywhere, whether is it is exploring all Denver has to offer, or taking them on trips halfway across the world. We often have friends and family over for holidays or impromptu gatherings. Raheleh is a really great party planner and comes up with really unique ideas. (When our 2 year old niece, Lillian, stayed with us for the holidays, Raheleh turned that bedroom into a Frozen-themed winter wonderland, complete with snow.) Julie makes sure everyone is well fed with home-cooked meals. We cannot wait to make birthdays and holidays magical for our child and their friends.

Our Interests

We love to travel. We are currently planning a trip to Morocco. A couple of years ago, we crossed an item off of Raheleh's "Bucket List" by going to the Wimbledon tennis championship in England. In May of this year, we flew to Boston, MA and then rented a car to drive down to Orlando, FL. We stopped in Philadelphia, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Savannah along the way. Aside from being a really fun adventure, it also ended up being a great American history lesson. We also enjoy doing things such as zip lining, snowmobiling, and white-water rafting. In October of last year, we dressed up in Iron Man shirts and glasses and competed in a Super Hero Urban Challenge. In June, we ran in a 5K that was made up of inflatable bounce house obstacles. We can’t wait to share these types of experiences with our child. Our love of learning, traveling, and our belief in experiencing life to its fullest are what we look forward to sharing with our child.

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