Picture of Fabio Soto and Troy LaBounty

Fabio Soto and Troy LaBounty

Dexter, MI

Thanks for having the courage to consider open adoption. The most incredible event in our lives was our adoption of Sierra, and our world hasn’t been the same since! We’d love to grow our family and welcome you and your baby into our lives. Fabio is a STAY-AT-HOME DAD, and we would like to shower your child with love and attention. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Hola, somos Fabio, Troy, y Sierra de Michigan! No podemos imaginar lo que está pasando, pero admiramos su valentía y fuerza. Nos encantaría darle la bienvenida a su bebé y usted en nuestras vidas! Fabio será un padre que se quedara en casa, por lo que nuestro hijo tendrá toda nuestra atención y amor. Nos encantaría conocerla y poder saber de usted! Por favor, contáctenos en cualquier momento! Gracias!

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Our Promise to You

We will build a family based on love, trust, and respect. With open adoption, we want you to be a part of our family in a way that’s comfortable for you. Your child will always know about the love and courage it took for you to make your decision, and you’ll always be a welcome part of our family.

About Us

We met on the dance floor of a club over 10 years ago, and fell in love at first sight. We’ve been together ever since, and were married five years ago with our families there to celebrate! Sierra was born in 2013, and adopting her was the most incredible experience in our lives. She’s an amazing little lady with an independent and beautiful spirit. She has a lot of love to share with a little sibling!

Our Careers

Fabio worked his way up at Sears from loading trucks to becoming an assistant store manager. He’s now a STAY-AT-HOME DAD, and loves taking Sierra to parks, playgrounds, the petting zoo, the Detroit Zoo, and kids’ museums. Sierra and Fabio can’t wait for a little brother or sister to join them! Troy was a classical musician before changing careers and going to med school, and is now a cardiologist at the University of Michigan, where he teaches students and cares for patients. Although Troy works hard during the day, he makes sure to be home for dinner, and saves his evenings and weekends for family.


We’ve learned with Sierra that it’s not always easy to be a parent. It’s a huge amount of work and responsibility, but also a source of incredible joy. We will shower our children with love and support, but we will also be firm when we need to be. We want them to grow up to be happy adults that can achieve their dreams, and we’ll support them in every way we can. Our parents were selfless with us. For example, Troy’s mom got a job cleaning houses just so she could buy him a good cello to help him become a better musician. We look to our own parents as models, and we strive to be the best parents we can possibly be.

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