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Picture of Kathleen Schaefer & Scott Czadzeck
Kathleen Schaefer & Scott Czadzeck
Pleasanton, CA

We are Kathleen and Scott from the San Francisco Bay Area. We deeply admire your courage as you consider open adoption. Kathleen was adopted herself so we bring a special understanding of adoption to this journey. We have so much love to give and cannot wait to be parents. Thank you for learning more about us. We hope to learn more about you and your dreams for your precious child. View full profile

Picture of Christine Schnabel
Christine Schnabel
Fayetteville, NC

Hello! I’m Christine from Fayetteville, NC. Thank you for taking time to learn a little about me. I truly admire the strength and courage that you have shown by considering open adoption. I would be honored to share this journey with you while we build a trusting relationship that you are comfortable with, so please feel free to contact me.View full profile

Picture of Matthew Etter and Jennifer King
Matthew Etter and Jennifer King
Durham, NC

Hi! We are Matthew, Jennifer, and Erik from Durham, NC. We admire your courage in considering open adoption and can’t imagine what this time is like for you. We would be honored to learn about you and your wishes for your child. We promise to always respect your wishes and will make sure your child always knows how loved he or she is by us all. View full profile

Picture of Greggory Garland and Bobby Heptig
Greggory Garland and Bobby Heptig
Mesa, AZ

We’re Gregg, Bobby, and Sabrina from Mesa, Arizona. We realize this is a difficult and emotional time in your life. We have nothing but respect and admiration for your courageous consideration of open adoption. We too were once uncertain of what adoption would be like, but after adopting Sabrina in 2009 and watching our relationship with her birthfamily blossom and grow, we saw how wonderful it is for all involved. View full profile

Picture of Gladese Prieur
Gladese Prieur
Los Angeles, CA

Hello! First let me say that I admire your courage in making the difficult decisions you’re faced with right now. I’d be honored to be considered as the person you’d want to raise your child and would do all that I could to make sure that he or she has a life filled with love and happiness, and hope that you'll also be a part of that life.View full profile

Picture of Dylan Hawhee & Jonna Hensley
Dylan Hawhee & Jonna Hensley
Oakland, CA

We can’t wait to share our love and happiness with a child. We promise to be the best parents we can be, and that your child will know the incredible, loving choice that brought us all together. We would welcome your ongoing presence in our family and we hope you will contact us so we can get to know you. View full profile