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Picture of Peter Hansen & Claire Foley
Peter Hansen & Claire Foley
San Jose, CA
1-888-722-0394. Feel free to call or text!

Hi! We are a nurturing, family-oriented couple who love food, funny movies, furry dogs and going to the beach. We would be honored to develop a special bond with you and your child and promise that we will always support your role in our family. We want you to feel strong and at peace with your whatever path you take as you consider this journey. We can’t wait to hear from you! View full profile

Picture of Chandra McKeon
Chandra McKeon
Belmont, CA

As a devoted sports fan, animal lover, and teacher who has an incredible support system, I welcome you and your baby into my life. Since I was raised in a family that believes in the “concept of family”, I am excited to truly devote myself to a child. I value openness and promise that in my family your child will always know your love. View full profile

Picture of Rick, Georjean and Alex Rossow
Rick, Georjean and Alex Rossow
Alexandria, VA

Hi! We are Rick, Georjean and Alex from Alexandria, Virginia. We think you are a courageous person to consider open adoption. Adoption takes great strength, and we look forward to talking to such a brave person. Our family has so much love to share, and we are excited about growing our family through open adoption. Thank you for learning about our family. We would LOVE to speak with you! View full profile

Picture of Jennifer and Paul Smith
Jennifer and Paul Smith
Wildomar, CA

Hello, from Wildomar, Calfornia. We understand that considering placing your baby for adoption is a selfless act and you are putting your child's best interests at heart. We look forward to learning about you and your hopes and dreams for your child. We are excited to become parents and for open adoption to provide all of us with the opportunity to be part of your child's life. We can't wait to hear from you!View full profile

Picture of Kathleen Schaefer & Scott Czadzeck
Kathleen Schaefer & Scott Czadzeck
Pleasanton, CA

We are Kathleen and Scott from the San Francisco Bay Area. We deeply admire your courage as you consider open adoption. Kathleen was adopted herself so we bring a special understanding of adoption to this journey. We have so much love to give and cannot wait to be parents. Thank you for learning more about us. We hope to learn more about you and your dreams for your precious child. View full profile

Picture of Greggory Garland and Bobby Heptig
Greggory Garland and Bobby Heptig
Mesa, AZ

We’re Gregg, Bobby, and Sabrina from Mesa, Arizona. We realize this is a difficult and emotional time in your life. We have nothing but respect and admiration for your courageous consideration of open adoption. We too were once uncertain of what adoption would be like, but after adopting Sabrina in 2009 and watching our relationship with her birthfamily blossom and grow, we saw how wonderful it is for all involved. View full profile