Home Study Only & Other Individual Services

As a licensed nonprofit adoption agency the Independent Adoption Center (IAC) provides home study only services for families working with attorneys and facilitators on their adoption. The IAC is licensed to provide home study services in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.

The Independent Adoption Center will coordinate your home study quickly and professionally so you can get started on your adoption journey as soon as possible. Call 1 (800) 877-OPEN to speak with a Home Study Coordinator or request more information with our form to the right.

What is a Home Study?
Adoption laws in every state require prospective adoptive parents to complete a pre-placement study usually called a home study. The home study consists of education and training for the adoptive parents, interviews, various forms of paperwork, background checks and a home visit. For more in-depth information and to get started call 1-800-877-6736.

What is the Purpose of a Home Study?
There are three main objectives in a home study:

  • To educate you and prepare you for adoption
  • To gather information about you
  • To evaluate your stability as the adoptive family

How Long Does the Home Study Take to Complete?
On average the home study process takes 2 to 3 months to complete. You can help speed up the process by filling out your paperwork, scheduling your medical appointments, and gathering the required documents without delay.

Although the home study process is a source of anxiety for some prospective adoptive parents, there should be no reason to worry about not being "approved." We are not looking for perfect adoptive parents; we want real adoptive parents to parent real children.

We make our home study process as straightforward as possible. This way you can be excited and welcome your child into your family with confidence.