How IAC Helps Birthfathers

If you and the birthmother are planning the adoption together, that’s great; we’ll be happy to provide support for both of you. Unfortunately, that kind of cooperation just isn’t possible sometimes. If that’s the case, the idea of having to even talk together can be very painful. A counselor can handle any contact that becomes necessary, if you prefer. Your counselor will be glad to talk with you about your own situation, if you have questions or concerns.

At the Center, All the Choices Are Yours
We believe strongly in your right to make decisions that are best for you. Should you choose adoption for your baby, we are committed to helping you form your own unique adoption plan.

Your Legal Rights
As a birthfather, you have certain adoption rights depending upon your legal status and the state in which you live. Your IAC counselor can provide you with information to help you with the adoption
planning process.

Birth and Post-Birth Support
Your counselor will be available to you either by phone or, if possible, in person to offer free professional counseling and support. Following your baby’s placement, your counselor will keep in touch with both you and the adopting couple on a regular basis or as needed.

Financial Concerns
Our services are free to birthparents.

Completing the Adoption
In an agency adoption, the completion of the adoption will not be a long, drawn-out process for you. As soon as you’re ready, usually sometime in the first week after the birth, you sign a form consenting to the adoption. In some cases you can sign paperwork ahead of time if you don’t feel comfortable being an active part of the adoption plan.

Some states have birthparents sign adoption papers immediately after the birth of the child. However, it is very important to us that you feel comfortable about your plan. So, in those states, we will still provide you with some time to sort through your decision and even to rethink it, if necessary.

Just because you may want an "open" adoption doesn’t mean our services aren’t confidential and private—they are. You have the right to decide who will know about your adoption plan and when they will know. You can speak freely with a counselor and know that your privacy will be respected.