Lori's Story: I Knew In My Heart It Was Right

Nicholas was born July 10, 1987, at about 2:30 in the afternoon. It was the best day of my life. Sonne, his adoptive mother, was at the birth and took pictures. Later that night Larry, the adoptive father, arrived at the hospital to see his newborn son.

This all happened in Pennsylvania and because the laws are different there, I got to spend the first three days nursing and loving Nicholas. Then, on the fourth day, he left with Sonne and Larry to go home to California. It was very painful for me to watch him go but I knew in my heart it was right. Sonne kept in touch with letters and lots of pictures which helped ease the pain a little. I got to watch him grow and change, although at a distance. That was okay though, because I knew he was getting so much more than I could have given him.

I've since moved back to California where I'm originally from and I happen to live fairly close to Nicholas. I see him twice a year on his birthday and Christmas. I still get letters and lots of pictures. Nicholas is six now and, although I still have some pain deep in my heart, it's gotten a lot smaller as my joy for the whole situation has gotten a lot bigger. I love my visits with Nicholas. He is a great little boy. I really like him a lot and he likes me too. I believe that Nicholas came through me, not to me. He is where he was meant to be and he is having a wonderful life.


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