Lives Changed Forever

By Michael and Rebecca

We are writing this for others who are considering open adoption. Rebecca was only fifteen years old when she became pregnant with our baby girl, Cori. We were not ready and we knew it. We decided on open adoption. We both looked through the stack of letters from hopeful adoptive families. Everyone had the house, the dog, the car, etc. – but when we saw Fred and Elaine, we knew they were the ones. Rebecca called Elaine on a weekday afternoon and left a message on her machine. When Rebecca finally reached Elaine they talked for hours. Rebecca and Elaine talked on the phone many times and bonded instantly. That bond just got stronger when we met.

We went on a picnic and talked and talked. We talked about life and children and our views on things. Fred & Elaine have been married twenty-plus years and lost a child through a miscarriage. Without hesitation we chose them to be the mother and father of our baby.

In April, Rebecca gave birth. She was two and a half weeks late. Elaine and Fred were coming to visit us and luckily had a “baby bag” packed in their car. They met us at the hospital and saw the birth. When we saw the love in their eyes, we knew we had chosen the right adoptive parents. Elaine spent the night in the hospital with Rebecca and the baby. Probably the hardest part was going home without Cori, but we knew that our baby was with a great family and had everything in the world. Fred and Elaine thanked us over and over again. We knew we’d changed their lives forever.

We have spent time with her often. We hope that our story has helped you feel good about open adoption. It was the best thing we could have done for Cori.

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