Marelisa's Story: The Best Thing for Jake

When I was pregnant with Jake, I thought about raising my baby. I could have done it. But, for me, that wouldn't have been the most loving choice I could have made for Jake. I wanted him to have a devoted, involved father and parents whose careers were at a point where they could spend lots of time with a child. I couldn't give him that.

I've been married for three years now. Our daughter, Ashley, just had her first birthday and we're expecting our second baby girl in November! I'm now fulfilling my dream of raising a family.

I am lucky to be able to stay home with my child. I have time to play, cuddle and read books with her. AND she has a daddy who is wrapped around her little finger!

My husband adores Jake too, and respects the decision I made for him. Although we moved 13 hours away from Jake and his family, we make the effort to get together when we can because they are, and always will be, very dear to us.


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