Kathy's Story: She is Loved

My name is Kathy, and I was twenty-six years old when I found out that I was pregnant. I had been married before and have two children from that marriage that I have been raising alone since my husband left us. I felt that having two children was really all I could handle by myself, since I'm also going to school to finish my bachelor's degree. My boyfriend, Ken, and I were really scared when we found out the news. He was also trying to finish school, and we were not ready to get married.

Abortion was definitely out for us. We don't believe in it. I found out about open adoption through a couple who was trying to adopt a child through the Independent Adoption Center. I just fell in love with the whole idea of open adoption! When I told Ken what I wanted to do, he agreed that it would be the best way to go. So we took our time picking out the couple—we wanted a couple who would raise our child the way we would, if circumstances were different. We wanted people with similar ideas and values as ours.

We found a really neat couple and we all hit it off right away. We did things together and got to know each other pretty well before the baby was born.

Finally, the day came for Melody to make her appearance. She is the most beautiful little girl. (Of course, I speak with a little prejudice!) Her entrance was a little unusual—Ken delivered her in my car! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the hospital, but everything turned out fine. I know we did the best we could with the situation we were in and I know she is being raised in the best home. She is loved.


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