Mike & Ron's Adoption Story

It’s hard to believe that 15 months ago (from the date that I write this) we were walking nervously into the IAC office for the first time hoping to find a way to parenthood. We were met with open arms, enthusiastic encouragement and a cautious dose of realism. We have felt nothing but complete support from everyone in the organization and can’t say enough about the IAC’s courage and commitment to help us make our family a reality.

We had looked into surrogacy, lawyers, and county adoptions but we really liked the entire “Open Adoption” philosophy and felt that a non-traditional family placement was best decided by the birth parents as a conscious choice. We knew that someone would eventually choose us, but how long would it take to find that special person who saw beyond the traditional ideas of a loving family? We rushed all the paper work through, got our letter approved, printed and translated onto the web within weeks. We were on a mission! If it was going to take years, we knew we had better get this thing going because we wanted TWO kids!

After two and a half months of rushing home to our answering machine, checking our e-mail and one false start, we got a call from a nervous young woman in Michigan who was due in three days. Within forty-eight hours we had flown to Michigan, set up camp in a hotel, met the birthmother, matched with her and found a local adoption agency to handle the ICPC issues. It all happened so fast! The very day we met and matched with Katy’s birth mother, we got an e-mail from a fourteen year old girl and her mother in Texas who had decided that we were the couple to raise her baby, due in six and a half months!

Since Ron is from a family of eight kids and an identical twin, he thought this was the greatest thing that could have happened. Mike was terrified. After much deliberation, talking to the family in Texas and counseling from the IAC, we decided that both of our kids would greatly benefit from a sibling very close in age.

Cut to one year later: Katy is diving face first into her birthday cake as Kyle looks on in amazement and can’t wait for his turn. Ronnie and Mike look at each other and still can’t believe it’s real. Each day these kids astonish us and fill our lives with joy and meaning. They are the greatest adventure we will ever take.

Open adoption has been an amazing process with unpredictable challenges and great rewards. Ultimately, we feel it is the healthiest way for a child to understand his or her history. We have a great love for the wonderful people who gave our children life, and we see them in our children’s faces every day. Our children will know that their placements were a result of the abundant love that was felt for them by everyone involved.

We have learned a lot this past year and would be happy to share our experience with others looking to find a way to their own family.

Mike, Ron, Katy and Kyle

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