We are both early 40’s and I know we are not getting any younger. I heard that adoption process can take 2-3 years. So, by the time everything is done, we’ll be mid 40’s and when a child goes to high school, we’ll be in 60’s, which is when many people think about retirement. I really wonder if there are many enough people who started their adoption process so late in their lives.

Your age is not a problem at all. The average age of adoptive parents in the United States is about 45 years old.

At the Independent Adoption Center the average adoptive parent joins our adoption agency at 37 years old. In some office the average is a little lower, for example 35 in our North Carolina office. One interesting thing to note about our own statistics is that the average of 37 is also the median, or in other words there are an equal number of parents older than 37 and younger than 37.