I am 22 and was adopted as an infant. I have a 4 yr old son and I am frequently asked my medical history at dr appointments and enrollment process for daycare I am not interested in finding my biological "parents" but I do want to know is there a medical history kept on both of them in the state of Connecticut. I am just concerned for what I am at risk for once I get older and most important what my son is at risk for. If it is possible to find out can you guide me where to start looking?

First, it is completely understandable that you would want (and need) your medical records. Since the IAC only does completely open adoptions where the birthparents know the adoptive parents and have ongoing contact we are not experts on adoption searches. All of our families have access to medical histories for their children.

I would suggest that you contact the agency that placed you for adoption. I would ask if you are allowed access to your records, in particular the medical records. If they will not allow you access to these records ask if they can provide contact information for your birthparents. Some agencies will provide this information if both parties have contacted them seeking to reconnect.

Although you say you are not interested in finding your biological parents this may be the only route to get the medical information you seek. You may also find out other information about why your birthparents placed you for adoption. Usually a placement is done out of love. Your birthparents probably believed an adoptive placement would provide you with a better life than they could provide at that time. It is also important to realize this is in no way a betrayal of your adoptive parents. They are your parents, but your birthparents may also have something valuable to contribute to your knowledge about yourself.