I am researching open adoption and am unclear on something. I see a few questions on the birth parents wanting the child back. I am confused. There is the potential that I could pay for to adopt a child and if I choose open, the birth parents can take the child back?

Although it varies by state, in most states there is a limited time (never more than 30 days) when a birthparent can decide to reclaim a baby placed for adoption. In voluntary infant adoption this does not happen frequently, but birthparents do reclaim their babies after placement in about 3 percent to 5 percent of placements. Please remember that birthparents cannot reclaim the baby once their rights have been terminated and the waiting period (never more than 30 days) has elapsed.

At the IAC, the fees that you pay are only paid once until there is a permanent placement in your home. Should there be a reclaim, you would not have to repay any additional fees to the IAC.