I am interested in adopting, but worried of the cost. I have been unsuccessful at getting pregnant without the use of fertility drugs and I do not wish to go through all of that, I just want so badly to be a mom but my husband and I live on a fixed income. My question is, can fixed/low income couples adopt?

First, I am really sorry to hear about your struggle with infertility.

The answer to your question depends on individual circumstances. If you are able to cover all of your expenses, and are not likely to fall into bankruptcy, you can adopt.

The challenge for families on fixed incomes is the costs of adoption. Unless you are adopting from a foster/adopt program, which is free, the costs of adoption range from $15,000 to $24,000. There are programs to help with these costs (see: http://www.adoptionhelp.org/financial-aid), but even with help there is still a substantial amount of money that a family will need to pay. In addition, there is a federal tax credit of $13,170 (in 2012), but this cannot be claimed until after you are in the adoption process.

Note that here at IAC, the total fee's can be paid in installments, please see our fees page for more info.