My name is ----- and I am originally from Italy. I am 30 years old and I would be grateful if you could please answer few questions that I have:

1) is it possible to adopt a child if I am no resident in USA? (for instance through your center, or others?)
2) is it possible to adopt a child if me and my boyfriend are not married?
3) how long does usually require the whole process of adoption?

If you are not resident in the United States you cannot do a domestic U.S. Adoption. You may be able to adopt a U.S. child, but you would need to work with a Hague certified adoption agency in the U.S. To find a list of these agencies in the United States go to:

In addition, I would suggest that you visit this web site that is maintained by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. It provides detailed information about Intercountry adoption from Hague Convention and Non-Hague Convention Countries:

If you live in the United States but are not a citizen and do not have a green card, but have legal status in the U.S. You may adopt through agencies like the IAC.

The IAC does not require couples to be legally married in order to adopt. Some states (including California) allow unmarried couples to adopt as a couple, others require you to do a second parent adoption.

The entire process will take about two years until finalization, although you will likely have a baby in your home, on average, in 15 months.