A friend wants us to adopt her baby? He is already in catholic charities how long would the process be to take him out and place him with us?

The answer to your question depends on many factors. If the placement was voluntary your friend may already have signed relinquishments terminating her rights. Then the agency (in this case Catholic Charities) has the right to place the child with the family it believes would be the best for the child. If your friend signed a directed relinquishment then she stated which family the child would be placed with. This is what we do at IAC where all our adoptions are open and birthparents choose the adoptive families who will parent their child. If the placement was involuntary, her rights may have been terminated by a court. In either case, if her rights have been terminated, she would no longer have any say in the placement of her baby.

If the placement was voluntary and she has not signed relinquishments she can ask the agency to place the baby with a family she designates. However, you would need to be working with the agency and have an approved home study (this includes a criminal background check, home inspection and visits with a social worker) in order to have the baby placed with you.

The best thing to do at this point is to call Catholic Charities and explain the situation. They will be able to tell if you would be able to adopt this baby. If they cannot provide you with information on this baby due to
confidentiality have your friend, the birthmother, call and ask for the same information.