Can I sign my child to my sister and she adopt my baby without cost?

Unfortunately, there is no way to do an adoption without cost, unless the child is removed by Child Protective Services and placed for adoption through the foster care system.

In addition, you will need the consent of the birth father, whether or not he has been involved in the child's life. You cannot do a voluntary adoption with out the consent of both parents.

If the birthfather agreed you would need to hire an adoption agency or an adoption attorney to do all of the following:

1. To write a home study to determine that your sister's home is a safe emotional and physical space for a child.

2. To take relinquishments (also called consents or surrenders) from you and the birthfather that would terminate both of your parental rights.

3. To write the court report and go into court to finalize the adoption.

If you lived in a state where IAC is licensed (CA, TX, CT, IN, GA, NC, or NY) this would cost $8,000.