I am currently engaged to my girlfriend and she is about to graduate from High School. After she finishes college, we want to adopt children. We were wondering if same sex couples in North Carolina who aren't married, who aren't in a civil union, and who aren't in a domestic partnership were allowed to adopt?

In North Carolina same sex couples are not allowed to adopt together even if they are married, or domestic partners, but single LGBT people are allowed to adopt. In 2009, a North Carolina appeals court ruled that a person in a same sex relationship was allowed to do a second parent adoption of their partner's child.

Laws regarding same sex adoption change frequently. To get the most up to date information visit the web site of the Human Rights Campaign at http://www.hrc.org

For specific information on North Carolina's adoption laws see: http://www.hrc.org/laws-and-legislation/entry/north-carolina-adoption-law