I noticed that your agency is not licensed in New York State. But I like the feel of the agency from the website. Would we be at a disadvantage working with you as New york State residents? Ie. would the home study, in person meetings and support services, and connections with birth mothers still be possible for us?

The IAC does have a license in New York State, and we recently opened an office in New York City at 79 Madison Avenue in Manhattan. If you would like more information about how we work with New York families please call 1 (800) 877-OPEN and ask to speak to an Adoptive Parent Intake Counselor.

If you are in a state where we are not-licensed, you could still use our agency, but you'd have to get your home study completed by an agency licensed in your state. We have a database of preferred agencies in every state so we can also help you pick which agency to do your home study.