I was 15 when I had my daughter and my mother decided to have me put her up for adoption but im 27 now and it was a closed adoption what are my options to attempt to see her find her or even get her back? I have no criminal record and im stable and already have a five year old son, hopefully I can get some information to point me in the right direction. Thanks

First, it is perfectly natural to want to know what happened to your baby. Please contact the adoption agency or adoption attorney that made the placement. Let them know that you are interested in finding your daughter, and ask them to make contact with the adoptive family. They may insist that they cannot do this, but try to firmly insist that they do so. If they tell you the family does not want contact (hopefully not) ask if you can leave a letter to give to your daughter if she should contact them after she turns 18. The letter should contain an email address that you will check forever so your daughter can contact you if she wishes.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope that the adoptive family will allow you to see your birth daughter. It will probably give you a lot of peace to see she is in a safe and happy family. In addition, you can answer a lot of questions for your birth daughter about her biological family, and why she was placed for adoption.