I learned that typical adoption usually cost about $25K~35K. Plus all the necessary expenses. (Traveling, financial support for a birth mother, etc) We both have decent jobs and we are not in financial problem. However, unlike buying a car or something, coming up $35K Plus is not an easy thing, especially no financial support can be expected. We do have some savings we could spend for the adoption process (if we decided to do it) but that’ll be not enough to cover everything. I heard that some organizations, agencies offer grants. My first question is that how could we get grants? Also I would like to know if it’s possible to get grants from few different organizations to cover large amount of adoption process fee?

Adoption can be expensive. At the IAC costs range from about $20,000 to $31,000. There are a variety of loans and grant programs available for people considering adoption. Please see our list of adoption grants and loans for more information. The greatest financial help, however, is the federal adoption tax credit. This is a refundable credit, not a deduction. What this means is that you get the entire amount back even if you have not paid this amount in taxes. Unfortunately, you cannot claim the credit for a domestic adoption until the year the child is placed in your home (for international adoption you can only claim the credit in the year the adoption is finalized). The credit phases out once your adjusted gross income rises above a specific level that is adjusted annually. For more information see our page about the adoption tax credit. For most people the federal adoption tax credit makes adoption possible. Also, note that many companies offer adoption assistance, so be sure to check if your company provides this benefit.