One of our friends has a sister who is mentally disabled and is pregnant. She has offered that if my husband and I were interested she would love for us to be the parents of the baby, as she isn't able care for it herself. Where would we start with this process?

It is possible to adopt a baby if the developmentally disabled pregnant woman wants to place the child (not just her sister) and is deemed competent to sign relinquishments. If they are not considered competent a court would have to decide this. In addition, the birthfather may have some rights as well.

The first step is to contact an adoption agency in your state. You will need a home study done and theagency will need to talk to the potential birth mother to see if she wants to make the placement and is competent to do so. They will also talk to her about who the birthfather is and determine what his rights are.

If you live in California, Texas, Indiana, Georgia or North Carolina, we can help you with this process (Start with a free information kit). If not, I suggest you visit Click on the link for adoption and then do a search for adoption agencies in your state.