My mother has parental rights over my niece, she wants to give those rights to us and let my niece come live with me. How do you go about that? The father and mother have no rights for her. The father is in prison and my mother can not care for her so she wants us to.

Unfortunately, I do not have enough information to answer this question accurately, but I will try to give you some basic information.

First, you need to determine if your mother has adopted your niece. If so, she can relinquish her rights and you can adopt your niece. You would need to hire an adoption agency or adoption attorney to do an adoption process, including a home study and criminal background check for you and your family. If your mother has guardianship, the court would need to determine
if the guardianship should be transferred to you. You would need to hire an attorney to bring this before a judge.

If your niece's case is being supervised by the state, you should contact the social worker assigned to the case to discuss the situation with him or her, as they can let you know if free assistance is available, and if they believe the new plan is in the best interest of the child.